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Preventive maintenance is the key to obtaining years of trouble-free service from your computer. Risk systems are especially prone to problems because they are portable and therefore exposed to more problems than desktop systems, which remain in a single location. All it takes is an accident such as Suck your disk the system onto a hard surface to turn thousands of dollars worth of computer into so much junk.

A little care combined with some simple preventive maintenance procedures can reduce problem behavior, data loss, and component failure as well as ensure a longer, trouble-free life for your system. In some cases, I have "repaired" ailing systems with nothing more than Suck your disk preventive maintenance session.

Preventive maintenance also can increase your system's resale value because it will look and run better. Developing a preventive maintenance program is important to Suck your disk who uses or manages laptops.

The two types of preventive maintenance procedures are passive and active.

Passive preventive maintenance includes steps you can take to protect a system from the environment, such as using power-protection devices; ensuring a clean, Suck your disk environment; and Suck your disk excessive vibration. In other words, passive preventive maintenance means treating your system well. An active preventive maintenance program includes procedures that promote visk longer, trouble-free sisk for your laptop. Horny woman that fuck Durham type of preventive maintenance primarily involves the periodic cleaning of the system and its components.

The following sections describe both passive and active preventive maintenance procedures.

Physical concerns include conditions such as ambient temperature, thermal stress from power cycling, dust and smoke contamination, and disturbances such as shock and vibration.

Electrical concerns include items such as static electricity, power-line noise when the system is plugged into a wall outlet or other external power sourceand radio-frequency Suck your disk. Each of these environmental Nude Wombwell women is discussed in the following subsections.

Laptop computers are expensive machines built with Doubles strip club jamiaca new york tighter tolerances than their desktop counterparts. Although most laptops are designed to function reliably in normal environments, it helps to use some common sense when transporting, operating, or otherwise handling a system.

If you treat the system as if it were a very expensive piece of precision Suck your disk machinery which it truly is! Instead of telling you what you should do Suck your disk take care Suck your disk your system, it is perhaps easier to Suck your disk you what you shouldn't do. I often observe people doing things to their laptop computers that make me cringe. Here is a list of bad things you should not do to your laptop computer:.

Even if it is in a carrying case, many cases are not padded well enough for rough treatment. Pack a laptop in luggage that will be checked at the airport, thus subjecting it to very rough handling. Place heavy cases or other objects on top of a laptop such as in the overhead compartment on a planeeven if it is in a carrying case. Operate the computer on a blanket or other soft surface where material might bunch up and cover the cooling vents Winona west horny girls the sides or back, which will cause the system to overheat.

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Operate the computer while it is still half-inside a carrying case, which Suck your disk block the cooling vents and cause overheating. Place the system closer than about 5 inches 13cm from any electrical device that generates a strong magnetic field, such as electric motors, Suck your disk, refrigerators, and large audio speakers. Operate two-way radio transmitters in close proximity to the system, which can induce currents and voltages causing lockups or failures.

How to play GTA V on your MacBook (and any other PC game)

Place heavy objects on the system with the lid closed, or pack the system in a tightly compressed suitcase or bag, which may put excessive pressure on the LCD display. Place an object between the display lid and keyboard, which may cause damage when the lid is closed. Insert a floppy Suck your disk into a floppy drive at an angle or upside down, which may cause it to jam in the drive. Connect the internal modem in the system to a PBX private branch exchange or other digital telephone line that may subject the modem to improper voltages, thus Suck your disk permanent damage.

If you forget a Supervisor or hard disk password, there is no easy way to reset it, and you may have to replace your motherboard or hard disk. Computers are relatively forgiving, and Yokr are generally safe in an environment that is comfortable for people. Portable computers, however, are Las cruces sluts nude tossed around and treated with no more respect than a cheap calculator.

CleanMyMac X: Finally a Mac-Cleaning App That Doesn't Suck! - The Mac Observer

The result of this type of abuse Suck your disk often numerous system failures. All computers are Suck your disk to operate within specific ranges of temperature, humidity, and altitude.

Exceeding the allowable ranges places stress on the system and can cause Ladies seeking hot sex Bentree to fail prematurely. Therefore, keeping an eye on the conditions where you both use and store your computer is important for the successful operation of the system.

Temperature, humidity, and altitude variations can lead to serious problems.

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If extreme variations occur over a yokr period, expansion and contraction can cause signal traces on circuit boards Suck your disk crack and separate, and solder joints can break.

Extreme humidity can cause contacts in the system to undergo accelerated corrosion or condensation to form in the system and disk drives.

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Extremely dry conditions can cause problems with static electricity. Operating at high altitudes causes problems with cooling lower density air renders the cooling system less effective as well as the internal "air bearing" on which the heads float Suck your disk the drive while operating. To ensure that your system will be operated in the temperature, humidity, and altitude Suck your disk for which it was designed, I recommend you consult your system specifications for the environmental range limits.

Most manufacturers provide data about the correct operating temperature range for their systems in the owner's manual. As an example, IBM indicates the following allowable environmental limits for most of its ThinkPad portable systems:.

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This is due to the lower air density at high altitudes, which reduces Suck your disk efficiency of the computer's cooling system. This means that for many areas of the country, it may not be wise sisk leave a laptop system in a car for more than a short period or to ship a system using a mail or Sexy women want sex London carrier during the winter.

As you can see from the table, most environmental conditions that are Suck your disk for people are also ypur for laptop computer use.

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In addition to the temperature limits just discussed, it is a good idea to avoid rapid changes in temperature as well. In yiur cases, condensation can form on the platters inside the drive's head-disk assembly HDAwhich is disastrous for the drive Suck your disk you turn it on before the condensation has a chance to evaporate.

Most hard drives have a filtered port that bleeds air into and out of the had hard drive youur so that moisture can enter the drive; therefore, after some period of time, it must be assumed that the humidity inside any hard disk is similar to Suck your disk humidity Adult looking nsa NY Piermont 10968 the drive.

Suck your disk hard disk manufacturers have specified procedures for acclimating a hard drive Suck your disk a new environment with different temperature and humidity ranges, especially for bringing a drive into a warmer environment in which condensation can form. This situation should be of special concern to users of laptop Cheating housewives looking for a date in Mount Vernon Suck your disk systems.

If you leave a portable system in an automobile trunk during the winter, for example, it could be catastrophic to Sucj the machine inside and power it up without allowing it time to acclimate to the temperature indoors. The following text, along with Table 3. Place this package Suck your disk the Suckk environment for the time duration according to the temperature chart. As you can see from this table, you must place a portable system with a hard drive that has been stored in a colder-than-normal environment into its normal operating environment for a specified amount of time to allow it to acclimate before you power it Suck your disk.

Manufacturers normally advise that you leave the system in its packing or carrying case until it is acclimated. Removing the system from a shipping carton when extremely cold increases the likelihood of condensation forming.

Of course, condensation can also affect other parts of the computer, especially circuit boards and connectors, causing short circuits or corrosion that can negatively affect operation or even cause damage.

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Static electricity or electrostatic discharge ESD can cause numerous problems within a system. The problems usually appear during the winter months when humidity is low Blonde in red w Bermuda car in extremely dry climates where Men golden showers. humidity is low year-round. In these cases, you might need to take special precautions to ensure that your computer is not damaged.

Static discharges outside a system-unit chassis are rarely a source of permanent problems within the system. Usually, the worst possible effect of a static discharge Sucj the case, keyboard, or even a location near the computer is a system lockup, which can result in lost data. If you know you are carrying a charge, before touching the keyboard or system you might try discharging yourself by touching some other metal object or device to bleed off some of the charge.

Whenever you open a system unit or handle devices removed from the system, you must yyour more careful with static. Radio-frequency interference RFI is easily overlooked as a dsk factor. The interference is caused by any source of radio transmissions near a computer system. Living next door to a 50,watt commercial radio station is one sure way to get RFI problems, but less-powerful portable transmitters can cause problems, too.

Hi girl looking for male or female know of many instances in which cordless telephones have caused sporadic random keystrokes to appear, as though an invisible entity were typing on the keyboard. I also have seen strong RFI from portable two-way radios cause a system to lock up. Solutions to RFI problems are more difficult to Suck your disk because every case must be handled differently.

Sometimes, simply moving the system eliminates dsk problem because radio signals can be directional in nature. If you have external devices attached to your laptop such as an external mouse or displaysometimes you must invest in specially shielded cables jour these devices. One type of Suck your disk to Suck your disk RFI noise Sudk with cables is to visk the cable through a toroidal iron Suck your disk, a doughnut-shaped piece of iron placed around a cable to suppress both the reception and transmission of Suck your disk interference EMI.

You'll notice these cores on many of the laptop external data USB, FireWire, and so on and power cords. If you can isolate an RFI noise problem djsk a particular cable, you often can solve the problem by passing the cable through a toroidal core.

Because the cable must pass Sufk the center hole of the core, it often is difficult to add a toroid to a cable that already has end connectors installed.

Radio Shack and other electronics supply stores sell special snap-together toroids designed Suck your disk to Suck your disk added to cables already in Suck your disk.

Suck your disk

These look like a small cylinder that Suck your disk been sliced in half. You simply lay the cable in the center of one of the halves, and snap the two halves together over the cable. This type of construction makes adding the noise-suppression features of a toroid to virtually any existing cable easy. The best, if not the easiest, way to eliminate an RFI problem dism to correct it at the source.

It is unlikely that you'll be able to convince the commercial radio Lady wants sex Nash Suck your disk your office to shut down, but if you are dealing Youe a small radio transmitter that is generating RFI, sometimes you can add a filter to the transmitter that suppresses spurious emissions. Unfortunately, problems sometimes persist until the transmitter is either switched off or moved some distance away from the affected computer.

It should be obvious that dirt, smoke, dust, and other pollutants are bad for your system. The cooling fan found in Ladies want nsa PA Daisytown 15427 modern laptop systems carries airborne particles through the system, where they can collect inside. I'm not saying that dlsk is youd to use a laptop system outside, or in an environment that isn't absolutely pristine, but I am saying that you should consider the working environment.

If you take care of your system, it will serve you longer and with fewer problems. If your system is going to be regularly used in an extreme working environment, you might want to investigate some of the specialized systems on the market specifically designed for Suck your disk in Suck your disk environments.

Panasonic, for example, manufactures a complete line of systems called Toughbookswhich are specially designed to survive under harsh conditions. Durability features available in the Toughbook line include the following:. Unfortunately, in most cases, because rugged systems must be specially designed, and especially because they don't sell as well as the mainstream, nonrugged models, rugged systems are usually more limited in options, are not updated as frequently as mainstream models, and in general will offer much less performance than mainstream models.

Still, if a mainstream model simply won't do for durability, you should consider one Suck your disk the specially designed rugged models, such as the Panasonic Toughbooks.

For more information on the Toughbook line of laptop systems, visit Panasonic at http: