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Sheila Jackson Lee, an Adventist congresswoman, has resigned from two major posts due to a lawsuit that claims retribution to a former staffer who previously reported sexual assault. The former staffer, anonymously named as Jane Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, alleged that she had suffered sexual assault as an intern at the […] Housing for Homeless to Be Built on Adventist Land in Tillamook, Oregon - 23 January The Adventist church in Tillamook, Oregon, has approved use of land that it owns for the construction of temporary housing for homeless people in the area.

Paralympics Cycling National Team. Morelli, who was first named to the U. Here are some reasons AT1 will be different: In this essay I look at the context of Daniel to explore what prophetic present truth is. Daniel 2 and 7 give […] Adventist Tomorrow Although connected with reality, dreams are usually Bowling green ky swinger clubs xxx emotional than factual. We dream fears or hopes.

Sometimes we awake crying, laughing, or even yelling, but rarely with new facts or information. Please help me and my wife to settle our religious differences. My understanding is that a man and his wife are to be as one in everything, I am a Baptist and she is a Seven-Day [sic] Adventist. While leading the nation in evangelism, we have fallen behind in scholarship. Although the focus was on the broad issue of ordination, it […] Enter the Matrix: And what do these religious movements have in common with the Hollywood productions The Matrix, Blade Runner and Westworld?

Not only was I a Pathfinder, but my parents were the Pathfinder leaders for a portion of my childhood. It scorched 23, acres. Still, I walked up the hill to the park above our house and sat Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon a while in prayer and meditation. Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon was a turning point on the calendar, the first day […] Sanctification by Association?

That pleased me, for I agree with that assessment. Now we come to a […] Aunt Sevvy: I disapprove of the way my wife dresses. She wears tops and pants that reveal her female form. My husband is a pastor. Saying No to Last Generation Theology. Reviewed by Steve Case. While this book is written primarily for Seventh-day Adventists, the background for it certainly predates Adventism.

It wasn't until the following year and after the move to Long Beach that I learned the reason why. After the nomination, and public refusal by me, of the position of treasurer of the Conference, Harold Calkins decided that I needed a move. As was his custom he tried to shift me from the center of political activity in the metropolitan area, but I kept refusing the calls he offered.

Calkins, a very insecure leader, had managed to rid himself of most of the strong men in the conference he felt threatened by. He was trying to make sure I was the last to go. My name had appeared along with his in almost every election, and this he felt should be changed. Lonq Beach was open, a church that had once been a strong center but was on the decline and had been for many years. So I was exiled to the border of the Wife want casual sex East Enterprise where he felt I would have less influence in Conference affairs.

What he did not anticipate was that Long Beach, the former home of Dr. Davenport and Elder Cree Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, was to be the beginning Adult Nude dating sites in Plymouth ma the end for me and also the opening of Pandora's Box of fraud, deceit cover-up, corruption and crime for the church. I had only been pastor a Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon months when there came to my attention a copy of Big booty bbw Delta, Ontario divorce proceedings of one of Long Beach's most illustrious members, Donald Davenport.

It was the property settlement between Donald Davenport and his former wife, a lady I had met, admired and worked with in youth work in the Conference. The agreement, dated May,was a petition for dissolution of their marriage in the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, case number D What became clear to me after reading the evidence contained in the settlement was the way Dr.

Davenport had understated his assets and liabilities, especially his liabilities. As a member of the Conference committee, I knew that Dr. Davenport had a great many dealings with the Conference, but the evidence of some of his many participations with the church was lacking in the divorce settlement. Yet in the agreement it was stated:. Each of us warrants to the other that neither of us owns any property of any kind, other than the property referred to in the preceding paragraph, and that listed in the schedules attached hereto and made a part of this agreement.

If it later appears that either warrantor now owns any other property and that the warrantee has an interest in this other property, the warrantor agrees to transfer or pay Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon the warrantee, at the warrantee's election i an amount of the other property equal to the warrantee's interest therein, if it is reasonably susceptible of division; ii the full market value of the warrantee's interest on the effective day of this agreement; or iii the full market value of the warrantee's interest at the time the Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon discovers the warrantor's ownership of the property.

After seeking expert legal counsel I informed Betty Davenport that I felt she and her children had additional benefits coming their way and that, if she wanted, legal counsel could be obtained that would help her redress the inequity. She felt she could not do this because her name was contained on some of Dr. Davenport's properties and he might create problems for her in the future in that direction if she re-filed for redress.

However, the divorce record and settlement of the Davenports was not the important item that shocked me. It was the long list of names of people and conferences of the church that were involved with the Doctor that blew my mind. It showed a web of conspirators from one end of the country to the other who were consistently and systematically emptying the coffers of the church into their own pockets through the Davenport program.

It showed men in groups of small committees in select places and positions who were not only voting the church's money out, but were sometimes in Sexy black girl in alliance same committees voting themselves in financially by their connection with that church.

This, any school boy or girl would know, was a conflict of interest, and thus a Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon. The list also made it clear why Cree Sandefur, the Union President, did not want me as a reformer in the business of the church. He was really in business with Dr. In fact, the list was a virtual list of who's who in Adventism.

But revealing enough, it did Woman wants nsa Strasburg Colorado include any Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, Hispanics or downtrodden whites. It catered to the upper financial group of the church, the elite, the group that Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon enjoyed more of the privileges of the church than most. Here is the list.

Kuiken, Louise et alSmith, Grover C 56, Stewart, Alvin J 3, Tribby, Albert et alWhitaker and Smith 10, Wottlin, Beatrice L 10, Little Creek Sanitarium 25, Lutz, Mary J 10, Name of Joint Venture Assets Encumbrances. Bryant, Albert C and Anne S. Wayne Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Arlene 25, Of course the list changed. Some got in at the first and then were able to exit. Others were encouraged to come along with greater accounts of money and interestingly enough received greater rewards, always, it seemed at the expense of the church.

When the list is compared with a later list of people and institutions it makes a better picture, but not necessarily a healthier one. Coral Aalborg or Don L.

Aalborg Able Plumbing P. Archbold Bautista S. Franklin or Wylodine Baker Dalton D. Box North Canon Drive W. Leon Beck Vernon W. Bell Associates Hanaco Alan L. Brody Kenneth or Marion Brown Rte. Burkett, Trustee Wilsire Blvd. Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon E and Irene A. Daniel and Olive Caslow Box N. Charlotte, NC Portland, Oregon Box Wilshire Blvd.

Box Irvine, Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon. Lewis or Pearl Z. Cleveland or Clyde C. Coachella Valley Savings and Loan Assn. Mjlton Assurance Co P. Jack Cooper Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Cole, M. Los Gatos, CA w. Maple Grove Sepulveda Blvd.

Crocker National Bank Ramon R. Luther or Rose Crooker Desmond D. Zelma Dickerson Dictaphone Murphy Rd. Blanche Dixon Stanley Dombrosky N. Leasing Box P. Evelyn Frank James P. Garity BoxRte 1 Wilshire Blvd. Box Calhoun, GA. Harold Sweet ladies seeking real sex Carolina Puerto Rico Steven Glazer S. LaCzenga Blvd W.

Dewain Grattan Alice B. Gregory Lynn Road Coast Blvd. Trust 2 Emil M. Hamel Gary A and Karla J. Hann Box 62 Orlando Rd. Wayne or Ethel M. Hanson Eula Hanson 5. Gray, MD Walter J.

Hendershot son Eugene, OR P. Hopps, Attorney Joseph N. Internnational Union of Op. Discreet xxx cam 1 City Blvd. William and Ada Jarvis W.

Karmy or Anna B. Lloyd B or Elizabeth L. Eda Lang, Yale Diversified Rlty. Reile Ventura Blvd. Life and Casualty Co of TN. Brown 1 Wilshire Blvd. Stanton Card Center Portland, Or. McComas Wilshire Blvd. Canada 57N Noriega Street. Millie's Place Earl L. Mills Wilshire Blvd. Flower Street W. O, Box P. Box Oklahoma City, Orgeon.

Box N. Opportunity with Legacy Foundation Ronald S. Pacific Union Investment Fund J. Ralph W or Vaneta E. Grace Plahn Forest C. Anna Wlld Progler Elford D. Sylvia Ramer Lowell R.


Retzer Allan Richard Reznikoff No. Mary Karen Sigbornsen J. Assoc of SDA N. Alberta Brown Springs Community Assoc. Jerome Tamkin, or Robert M. Tamkin, or Joel P. Union Home Loans United Calif. Bank Irvine Blvd. Arthur or Gertrude C. Wallach Beverly Blvd. Fremont Street S. Wasenmiller Huckleberry Court P. Los Angeles, CA N. Wheatley and Bonnie L. Patricia Wood Woodbury and Co. There are those in the Adventist church that will always feel that the next moves I took were both unwise and unnecessary, but they make much of the Milf fuck partner West Valley City in Matthew 18 under other circumstances when Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon does not involve them or their church.

The words are these:. Moreover, if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon him alone; if he shall hear thee, thou hast sinned against thy brother.

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But if he will not hear thee; then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them tell it unto the church; but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican. I felt that I personally, as well as the whole church, had been wronged greatly in both deed and fact by the head elder of the church, whose name stood at the top of the list as a priest, Miltoon of his great conflict of interest in the Davenport matter.

His influence was not on the side of right and he should be instructed as such. Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon I wrote on June 14, the following letter to him and to him alone:. The other day I came across a list of names with yours on it, so Find blowjob service you might like to have a copy to remind you of the Clan and the big time.

It is a list of ministers and leaders who have or had invested personal money with Dr Donald Davenport. It certainly makes interesting reading. It also explains a lot of questions some have had about the workings of the church in the past and how and why some men get where they are.

It surely lays to rest the promoted idea of a self-sacrificing, self-denying leadership in this movement. In any other field of human endeavor it also might raise special questions of conflict of interest, influence peddling, and even bribery, when the list is compared with another equally interesting list of all the Conferences and Associations that hold notes that amount to millions with the same man, often encouraged and helped by some of the same leaders and clergy.

We have often written about Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon and how it is to be brought about by change, and that that change will come from reform. It is easy to see why we are and will have a difficult time in our circumstances in the church expecting or hoping for Orgon a change to take place.

I have often wondered since seeing the list, what the rfeewater members of the church would think of the message and the Clergy, if the list were published in the Review or some other paper. If, as one leader has said, it was just Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon good business deal on a personal level, then most of rreewater laymen would be equally interested in making such a sure investment.

You may keep the list, if you wish. It seems to me to be a sad commentary on our times and our leadership in the Hot black female slut looking for sex. There came to my attention some time ago a list of names which contained your name along with that of many of your friends.

It makes very interesting reading. It also explains Singles for Sex in Salt Lake City lot of questions that have come to mind in the last few years concerning the church and the work.

Some of these names have an interesting history in the field of freewaater and finance. I thought that you might like to keep a copy to remind you of the club and the big time. Freeewater did not choose the words to either man lightly. The Davenport list showed that men in high office in the church helped to Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon others of their friends in high office.

It was Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, as Elder Rasmussen had told me in the Academy, that you ride to success on the shoulders of your superiors. It came to me clearer then ever before that it was not God running the iin, as I had been told over and over again, but the Piersons and the Sandefurs that put men where they Miltno Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon they could be helped to do what they wished.

It was the Piersons and Sandefurs that got away, free from the slander and shame. Sandefur was Pastor in Long Beach where Davenport was a member and got his start in the church with Cree's help. Sandefur went to Hawaii and Davenport was there. Sandefur went to the east and Davenport was never far away. Sandefur opened doors by his involvement thus encouraging others to enter those open doors.

Yet when the house of cards came down, Cree was out with his money as well as out with his "fast" retirement. Davenport himself made it very clear in one Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon his letters how much help Cree had been to him:.

freewafer Elder Sandefur took out his money three or three and one half years ago when MMilton became President of the Pacific Union Conference and he and his wife Mildred told me together when I was on the Loma Linda Campus and they were out there that this was one of the hardest decisions that he had ever made because he had done very well with me financially, Freewaterr since his Union Conference would probably be voting on some of my transactions that he felt best that he should take his money out and I said well that was up to him but that after he had retired if he wanted to he could put his money back in and he said he would most certainly do so.

I wonder since seeing Davenport's letter if Cree did invest again with his friend and if so why he is not listed among those that were left holding the bag. After all, Davenport owed him a lot, at Ofegon enough to give him inside information as to when to get out. It was Cree Sandefur that helped to move all the investments that were in the local conferences, where the local laymen and preachers could see them and ask questions, to the Union where they could not see or complain.

In fdeewater original typewritten manuscript, there is no footnote for the number The Davenport list had also shown that most if not all of the Unions in North America were involved with him in some way and that the committees of these institutions of the church, often with their presidents and officers, were personally members of Davenport's financial club. In its article Spectrum said:. Almost everyone interviewed for this article said that individual leaders received higher rates of return on their funds then did church organizations, and several stated that influential and powerful people in the church received better returns than ordinary Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon.

And in his last, difficult days, Davenport had apparently paid off some favored creditors. His trustee, Irving Schulmeyer, reported in an application to the judge that "preferences have been made in substantial sums" by Davenport in freewaher 90 days prior to his filing for bankruptcy.

President Pierson's Miilton back to me was typically ministerial. It said nothing and did not even say it well, but it did reveal a great deal about the man and his thinking:. It is understandable that you would be surprised to receive a list giving the personal amounts that various individuals have deposited with Dr.

Donald Davenport there in California. In the first place, this is strictly confidential information and the fact that it has become somewhat public property is in itself shocking.

I have asked myself many times why he thought it was shocking if dlub was proper. I may tell you, however, that this list was compiled August 31,and with deposits, withdrawals, etc. This was a straw man tactic; he knew there was a new and current list. I appreciated very much that you sent the list to me personally instead of passing it along to others.

He did not know this but only hoped so. Brother Rea, I would prefer to sit down and talk with you rather than reply by letter, but since it is not likely that there will be opportunity for this, I wish to make a few observations that I hope will be helpful.

He was paid by the church to fly the world and could have come if he had wished and as Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon has shown, it would have been better if he had not written as he did. I cannot speak for any of the other investors on the list, but I wish to speak for myself.

As I go through the names there are a number Seeking no strings attached sex action I, of course, know well, and I also know that they are generous supporters of the Lord's work, Again a straw man.

If most had received the high interest the list reveals, they should have been more generous in supporting the church that they were robbing to make it all possible. I know some of the persons on the list who have invested money for members of their families in their names. In the first place, I want to say that as far as I have known, Dr. Davenport's operations for the past many years have always been open and above board, and in every way legitimate. This is an incredible statement in the light of what his own Sexy horny women want video chat online Conference Treasurer was saying and writing about.

He has helped many workers and members and some church organizations. To my knowledge no board or committee of which I am a member has any money invested with Dr. This is another incredible statement as the Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon of the church Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon the General Conference President virtually a member of any and every committee, especially the Unions that were involved.

There can be no conflict of interest here. In fact, I know of only one or two organizations which have money infested with him. Yet the list I had sent him showed a dozen or more of which at least technically, he was a member. If they have, according to my information, they have been receiving good interest on their investment and have never lost a penny.

This was also an untrue statement as Davenport was often behind in Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon interest payments to Oreon churches and Conferences, which the bankruptcy records show. Is there something immoral about putting aside money for retirement or toward a home? According to my information, Ellen White owned several properties. Pierson had always given lip service to the Adventist Prophet even if he did not follow her Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon about honest dealing in finance.

Some of us, Brother Rea, have spent a good share of our ministry in foreign fields. We were separated from our families Multon years. Our salaries were much less than in the homeland. We lived in mission or rental property. There was no opportunity to build up an equity such as workers here in the homeland are able to do.

What a litany of false reasons for his unethical and illegal actions! Was it wrong for us to invest our Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon where we would receive good interest until we needed it for retirement? I do not believe it is fair to criticize anyone for doing this. I i no apologies for having a modest sum invested with Dr.

I do not have time to invest in stocks and bonds, etc. We placed our money where we felt impressed and have gone about our business without worrying about it. As far as sacrificial giving is concerned, Brother Rea, I don't imagine that any of us Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon nearly as much as we should when we consider what the Lord has given for us. But I can write in the Review with clear conscience urging our people to give sacrificially.

I also drive a Chevrolet. Brother Rea, And here comes the sermon not the answer to my letter I was both surprised and disappointed that a pastor in my church note that he does not say ours or God's but his church would jump to conclusions as you have Before it was over most of Adventism as well as those of the world that knew about it jumped to Oegon same conclusions and write a letter in a questionable spirit The secretary must have had trouble with the word, questionablefor it is corrected and typed over and over several times.

I have wondered if the word he used and erased was questioning. But this I shall have Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon leave between you and the Lord. May the Lord bless and freewaterr you as you feed and lead the flock of God there in Long Beach.

Pierson's letter sounded like some ancient pagan love song. He had been taken from the sheep fold of Adventism and exalted to the crown, yet he was poor-mouthing the very system he enjoyed.

Some preachers whine a lot. They often rule like some ancient Mongolian Prince. They roam the world always at the people's expense. When they touch the ground from their flight they are wined, dined, and pampered by lesser functionaries, all who are hoping some promotion or crumb of favor will fall their way as a reward. From the beginning to the end the structure favors the executive, the administrator, the divine that has made it to the top.

Even the retirement plan he spoke of gives him a leg up on his colleagues. One of the great lies of Adventism is that all men are treated equal in the work of the church.

The special privileges of houses, gifts, interest free loans, trips and perks are a way of life with Adventist administrators. It is one of the reasons freeaater many want to be one; and for Pierson to poor-mouth the very system he was defending by his action on the Davenport matter was laughable, if not terribly sad.

What was even sadder was the morality that he showed about the whole affair. Much of his reply did not admit anything or explain anything or apologize for any of his actions or those of his colleagues. He either was unable to understand how he and his friends looked to others or did not care.

He didn't even leave the matter between "me and the Lord" as he said. I found out later through the bankruptcy court that even before the ink was dry on my letter to him he Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon sent it to Dr.

Davenport and was playing both sides of the street. His letter to me was dated June 23, and Davenport's letter to him was dated June He wrote to Davenport on the same day he sent me my letter:.

I have your letter dated June 23, and the copy that you wrote to the individual that had written to you. Without any effort on my part, I believe I have identified this individual as Elder Walter Rea Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon I did Oregoon set out to identify him but that same day there came into my office an Elder and I am going to use all the names that I have access to so you'll know what I'm talking about.

That the Georgia Cumberland Conference has no money with you and I told him at the present time that Georgia Cumberland Conference Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon 52, with me.

He stated that all the conferences are calling for their money back and this freeawter in error. Occasionally Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon wants some of their money for some building project and I send it back to them. The fourth allegation that Walter Rea made was that recently Elder C. Sandefur pulled out his money because he was worried about my investments and also that it was a conflict of interests. Elder Sandefur took out his money three or three and one half years ago when he became President of the Pacific Union Conference and he and his wife Mildred told me together when I was on the Loma Linda campus and they were out there that this was one of the hardest freewayer that he had ever made because he had done very well with me financially, but since his Union Conference would probably be voting on some of my transactions that he felt best that he should take his money out and I said well that was up to Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon but that after he had retired if he wanted to he could put his money back in and he said he would most certainly do so.

Elder Pierson, those are four blatant lies and I'm not going to call the Lord's annointed sic a liar, but I think I can call truth, truth and falsehood, falsehood. I Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon all four of these instances.

I debated whether I should call Elder Rea and I thought by calling him if he's going to tell lies now he would perpetuate his lying program and I'm just going to leave it alone. Now, to be more specific: I freeewater everybody that vested with me that I would treat their money just like a bank that I would not discuss with or disclose Oregno other people what they had or anything about it. If they wanted to disclose it, that was their Wives seeking sex East Harwich business and I Indianapolis beach hotties never violated that confidence.

I started this investment program about 17 or 18 years ago and nobody has lost a cent of interest or a cent of principal during that time and nobody ever will unless some catastrophe happens that I do not foresee. For your own information, my financial picture and program has never c,ub better than it Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon right now and I have no reason to believe that it won't continue to be better.

I'm very disappointed that Elder Walter Rea should take it upon himself Fuck a slut in Saint Louis try to do whatever he's doing.

I hear, indirectly, and I'm not in a position to document it, that he is not pleased with the way the Church runs their finances and he is going to help straighten it out any way he can.

My former wife, Elizabeth Davenport, worships at the Long Beach Church where Woman want sex tonight Mount Lemmon Arizona is a Pastor and it is very easy to believe and to think that he got this list of investors from her or through her office. In the dissolution of marriage settlement I listed my assets and my liabilities and I had to list all of the people that had invested with me, but I made it very clear to my former wife's attorney, William Cree, that this was a confidential matter - that I wanted him to know that I owed - that I would take all the Oeegon for the bills ffeewater Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, but that it would serve no useful purpose and it would violate a trust if this became public.

Apparently, either my former wife or this attorney saw fit to make it a matter New to Edmonton looking for friends420 public record and Elder Walter Rea does not have the best interest of the Church at heart, but perhaps only Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon own selfish interests to take the matter still further.

As an interesting note, which you may well Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, every time there is a vacancy in the Dlub office of the Southern California Conference, he gets a little group behind him and Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon some trouble and runs for the office. I've known him many, many years Oeegon this is his program. Again, Elder Pierson, I'm sorry for Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon item happening, but for somebody to have to dig into something six years back to make their point is really quite ridiculous.

I thought that you handled his letter in clkb masterful way and it is not beyond the realm of possibility Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon within the next year or two everybody within that investor's group will have been paid off because I'm getting Horny people in Sweetser co larger and larger buildings and I'm paying Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon investors as I do that.

I find it quite interesting that he made four allegations in front of Elder Dave Neufeld. I disproved every one of them. I would like to ask you a question which I don't think you have the answer for, but I think I'm entitled to ask - and that is, "When does a minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church get a license to lie? Please accept my apologies for this unfortunate situation and do whatever you can to protect the good interests of the Church because that's what we all Orego do.

Poor Don, still doing his best to come across as "a hell of a guy. It also helps to show how the system had gone wrong with Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon and lies and intimidation. One of those stooges that got away was David Neufeld. He was long overdue for retirement but made up for it by singing the praises of Davenport to all that questioned him.

He had his own money invested and encouraged other to do so. He was one of the boys that got out with profit, and long after the debacle he still stood four-square for his friends in the mess and said he felt no guilt for what he did as a double agent for Davenport. Another name mentioned was also an agent for Davenport. He was my head elder, Widen Burkett. We had discussed Dr. Davenport together; and I Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon assured him that Milyon a committee member of the Conference he was in a slippery position when it came to the voting of 'funds from the conference to Davenport when he himself was singing his praises as an investor.

Another freewate had come up between us that perhaps chaffed him a bit. It so happened on his retirement as a public school teacher that he received a call to go into the ministry in Nevada. The President of that Conference, Elder Striefling, was a Davenport investor, Burkett was a Davenport investor, and Cree Sandefur, who would have to approve the appointment in the Union, was a Davenport supporter.

With so many young men coming out of school without calls into the work I felt that is was wrong for Burkett to receive that Adult seeking nsa Okreek South Dakota the way it was coming and looking and told him so, and asked him how it would seem if all the circumstances should become known. The call did not materialize but I received the impression Widen was not happy with me for my lack of support for his friend, Freewatfr.

Two other names should be mentioned as those that got away without much embarrassment Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon shame. While pastoring in Glendale, he was unable to convince his board at the Vallejo Drive Church that they should invest with him in Davenport. It caused some problems and some of the elders who talked with me felt strongly that John was putting on too much pressure considering his connections.

John later worked in Southeastern California and I guess felt no moral problem with encouraging Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon to follow Davenport. Another former pastor of Long Beach and friend of Davenport and retiree who was re-hired by Flub was Elder Duffield. He had taken trips overseas with the Doctor and had encouraged others to invest with frreewater.

In a letter to me he said:.

Many of my friends keep inquiring of me about his financial picture. I would like to be able to speak with some clyb of certainty about his soundness. I have gotten all my money from him. I must say that he doled me out a bundle of interest over the years. For this I'm deeply grateful. However, I am happy to have my money principle. The reports I get from cpub sources, including his first Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, are very dim.

Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon

So it wasn't just me that was hearing and speaking the things we were hearing. It was getting late for Davenport and he was thrashing around more and more.

What did and does come across over and over again is that one could talk to lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, school children, atheists or infidels, and most if not all could tell you that what was going on was wrong, evil and wicked.

But neither then nor since has Pierson, Sandefur, Neufeld, Robertson, Burkett, Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, Union Presidents or the church as a whole expressed or admitted the gravity of its sins of involvement. Freewate or no embarrassment has been shown, much less shame. And perhaps even more amazing, the church as a whole still preaches against those terrible Catholics, those dirty Protestants, and the evil world, not seeming to notice that by Ladies looking real sex Maryland NewYork 12116 lack of concern over their own amoral or immoral conduct or the condoning of it, they have forfeited any right to condemn or preach reform to others.

Evidently Pierson had not given Davenport enough assurance that he would either stop me or fire me for he wrote again a few weeks later:. I have your letter dated July 19, and I do not wish to Orgeon your valuable time with reading a lot of correspondence. I will abide by your wishes and let the matter drop Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Elder Walter Rea decides to keep stirring it up.

Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Searching Nsa Sex

Freewatee he decides to do this, I have no alternative but to take care of him in the best way that I see Beautiful lady searching dating Fargo. I would like Housewives wants casual sex Dandridge close my remarks in Mikton letter with some thoughts that I think are very important.

I consider my word of honor absolute and when these different ministers over the period of seventeen years invested sums with me, flub asked me, almost without exception, not to mention the amounts they had with me because they felt it would serve no useful purpose and besides it was their own business.

I have kept that trust all these years and I refuse to even give the General Conference New Provo female friends balance sheet because even though Elder Orehon and Elder Osborne indicated, via the grapevine, that they wished to have it-- this could reveal the names of the Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon people and I felt that I would not violate a trust.

The second reason that I am interested in shutting up Elder Walter Rea is that I am aware of a group of laymen that wish to cause embarrassment to the Seventh Day Adventist Church by getting every single bit of financial information that Orfgon can and distort and twist and use it to their best advantage to embarrass the Church and I, for one, would like to do everything in my power to protect the Church.

I always have and I always Oregonn. I have told you before that I have not lost a single cent of interest or principal for the Church Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon many years in which I handled millions of dollars for them. I have pride in that relationship. I thank God that I have been successful in difficult times to always provide the Church with a gain and fteewater a loss. It disturbs me very much that somebody on the Church payroll such Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Walter Rea would become involved Miltob a situation where it could become very embarrassing to the Church.

With these facts, I now rest my case I hope that you are Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon enough in having Elder Walter Rea realize the folly of his ways and, because he got this list by some devious means, and dug into a domestic situation that has been settled for over rive years only to furnish ammunition for the discontents dreewater malcontents in the Church that he should be advised that this will not help him, but in the long run will hurt his freewaer.

There may be people Wifey sought single mom looking for us the Church, such as Elder Walter Rea, that do not do things as I feel they should be done, but that Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon their problem, not mine. I promise you that I will not pursue this matter further unless Elder Walter Rea and his ilk sic do not take your advice and keep the list confidential.

If they don't then I am absolved from my promise to you and I will take the matter in my own hands.

If I understand the Bible correctly, it says that if you have something against your brother, you go to him first. If that doesn't settle it, you take a witness and go to him. If that doesn't settle it, you take the whole Church and go to him and if that doesn't settle it, then you take it to court or some other higher authority.

Elder Pierson, Walter Rea has not done any of those things and I just feel very protective of the Church. I think sometimes some of us laymen must take a strong arm position to defend the Church and to shut UD all of this maliciousness that is going around. Well, you have heard my story. I have made Me and my homie are looking for something to do promise and I will keep my promise, but my promise ckub one "out" in it.

If Walter Rea is not smart enough to keep his mouth shut, then I am going to move in on him. Someone has suggested to me since seeing the letter that they sound more like the Mafia than Christians, and I agreed. To believe that the head of Hot females in Starkville Colorado church would be in business with such a man and yet not Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon to me and talk of what was transpiring is hard to understand.

Another interesting thought is that if Pierson was sharing his correspondence from me with Davenport he must have been freeeater it with another, Neal Wilson. It had been done before.

The church had been having a lot of troubles with their head divines in the south,and because I had worked there, been on committees and knew the men, he wondered in his letter if I would be willing to write what I felt were some of the problems.

My letter would be confidential of course, he assured me, and I would be doing a good service for the church. I wrote him my convictions, naming names, stating places and specifics, how the leaders were, in my opinion, corrupt, greedy men, how they bought and sold property through our hospitals to protect themselves and to save money through the institutions and then would profit by their methods, how they sold cars to the workers and extracted a personal fee for doing so.

I was liberal with my information and the names of men who were participating. Sometime later I met Elder Neal Wilson at the General Conference session, and he informed me that he had read the letter I had been Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon was confidential by R. I knew from my knowledge of the system I was in trouble. Sure enough, sometime later, one of my friends called and told me that my name had been black listed in the south for all time and I could and would not ever get a call to anything, "not even dog catcher.

I have often been accused of seeking higher office. Knowing some of the men in Oreton offices, I have never known if I should take Orgeon rumor as praise or insult. If by the time of the Davenport situation I carried any thought of advancement in the church, cljb surely would have been Mliton empty basket that carried those thoughts; and I have often said that I may be dumb but I was not entirely stupid.

Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon was clear to me after Pierson's letter, even without having access until later to the Davenport correspondence that the church and its leaders would do nothing to stop their rush to greed Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon destruction.

If anything was to be done, something or someone other than those involved for personal gain would have to do it. It was clear from my background of years in the service of the church that no reform would come even though I had written Pierson. No change would be made and no clean up would take place.

Had I known what I know now, that most of the votes Horny housewives in Colorado Springs voices that counted were arrayed against me. I doubt that it would have effected my action. I knew without that information freedater my time was short and that what I did, I would have to do quickly, or even more Ofegon would be funneled into the pockets of Davenport and his helpers.

It has never been clear to me whether Davenport corrupted the clergy, or the Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon way around, but for me it had to stop. After much soul searching and a great Sweet wants real sex Wickenburg of counsel from those I respected and trusted, I decided on several steps. These men had been fighting as laymen at least as long as I had and were doing their best to alert the church of what was going on.

I knew that they had access to sources of publication that I did not have and that they had the courage to take the project as far as necessary, though Molton of us knew how far that would be.

It didn't take Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon for us to find out. The pressure was building, and Davenport could not ignore it much longer. Davenport borrows funds from various individuals and large institutions including, among others various Divisions and Conferences of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon the United States Church. That the Church, and various individual members of the Church, for investment purposes, have loaned substantial sums Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon money to Davenport which loans are reflected by promissory notes, many of which frewater demand in nature, secured by first mortgages or trust greewater in favor of the lenders, totaling many millions of dollars in secured deeds.

Based upon the quality of the secured debt offered the Church, and upon the relationship of friendship and trust between freeaater representative of the Church. That although Plaintiff has attempted to counteract the conduct of Defendant Adam, Plaintiff fears and truly believes that unless injunctive relief is provided after a hearing of this cause, Plaintiff will be destroyed by the Defendants and that the Plaintiff will Women want sex Springfield irreparable harm since the Defendants' actions will result in a total loss of the trust and confidence Oreon individuals and conferences of the Church, thereby destroying a source of Milfon which Oreegon be replaced through other conventional lending sources and ib Plaintiff to liquidate vast holdings in order to pay off sums of principal and interest which normally and customary would not yet come due Emphasis supplied Odegon Davenport had done in the lawsuit was to reveal all the information necessary to follow his activity from beginning to end and find that the loose ends had always ended in the church with his friends he had cultivated.

He also made it clear that without the friendships he would and could not continue his operation. So in essence he was saying that his empire depended on the freewatef he was giving to Adventist preachers in order to milk the church and other institutions to keep going. The suit did one other thing.

It produced his own blueprint on Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon to bring him down and stop his operation.

I Am Looking Sexy Chat Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon

If one could stop him from bleeding the church and Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon members, he was through. With that information the rest was fairly easy.

The Government agencies would and could do what the church had failed to do: I approached the Attorney General's office of the State of California with what information John and others had provided, including fraud, breaking of usury laws, breaking of S. Armstrong, to investigate the matter, gave me her card and told me to keep in Girls fucking Monticello. Those who were aware of these moves guessed correctly Meet Covington girls it was only a matter of time before the end could come, and we encouraged all the investors we were able to contact to leave the sinking vessel as soon as they could.

I personally talked with many, including such leaders as Elder Heppenstall, Dave Neufeld, Duffield, Burkett and others, including some personal friends of mine as well as Davenports, such as Dr. Wayne Eyer and others. Some did not heed the warning and hence their names appeared on the creditors list when the end came. Those that did get out have ever been grateful. It was a difficult decision to come to. It was hard to take action that we all knew would embarrass the church.

Yet we all knew also that the church was going to be embarrassed anyway and it was harder to stand aside and watch Davenport and the preachers continue to bleed the church and its little people, for it was they that suffered the most. Nothing will erase the conviction that many millions more would have been lost if we had not taken drastic action to stop what was clearly a "scheme," as Emmerson said, to use the church's money to enrich a few at the expense of the many.

None of the people that took our advice and got their money out have had anything but praise for what we did for them, and even Mature women Grand Forks of the ones that turned against us after the bankruptcy said they wished they had followed our advice.

The Davenport Fiasco," Spectrum 12, No. The Davenport Fiasco," Specturm 12, No. John Adam and A. It didn't seem reasonable that anymore could be done with the church to change the course Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon events that would lead it to shame and reproach but sometimes one can appeal to something other than reason. With that in mind I wrote two more letters in hoping for some positive Married ladies want sex tonight Natchitoches. I am sending you a copy of the filed law suit that Don Davenport instigated against a fellow church member.

It makes clear what up to now has only been allegation:. Davenport is involved Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon a financial way with the Church to the tune of millions of dollars. That his "personal" and intimate friendships with various leaders, executives and Conference workers, have made his arrangements possible. That without their cooperation and assistance, he could not have obtained the money he has. In view of these public statements, Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon would seem that now is the time for the Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon of this Church to make public its involvement through the names of its leaders and the executives on the list of investors.

Certain questions have to be answered:. Inasmuch as all of us are only custodians of the people's funds, were there any conflict of interests?

What were Hot wives want sex Buffalo rates of Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon, the finders fees, or the pay off to the individual worker for their involvement? Was the interest ever higher to the individual than the interest paid to the denomination through the association? And if so, why? Did the varying rates to the individuals have anything to do with their positions or the amount that was borrowed from the Church?

How much encouragement was given to others to invest by those workers who were already investing? Was the list and opportunities ever opened to the total membership?

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If not, what contacts were made and by whom, to make up the list? Finally, inasmuch as the officers of the General Conference were cautioned several years ago concerning the implication of such transactions, where has the moral leadership been all this time?

While it is true, Brother Emmerson has recently disavowed the church's involvement cljb the Davenport matter, as recently as three weeks ago, Davenport was granted an extensive line of credit through one of our local Seventh-day Adventist hospitals. Other workers have been personally investing recently Oreon assumed names, while holding committee membership in the Conference. Another scandal similar to this concerning the Riverside Mall and the workers and officials of the Southeastern California Conference, is about to break.

With all the high sounding platitudes emanating from Washington, when do you think we will get the necessary moral leadership to finish the Work? It would seem the least we could do is to fire those who obviously are involved in a conflict of interest. As I look back now and reread what I had written, it seems so foolish for me to believe that something moral and spiritual would come of what I had done. The church just did not feel that she needed changing or cleaning.

Law and justice are the articles Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon faith that Adventism peddles and mercy, grace, repentance, forgiveness and restitution are unknown experiences in corporate Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon. Finally, morality by their definition, not grace and conversion by the Fuck Horny girls in Hancock Addison VT Spirit, is the stock and trade of the church, ffeewater that still small voice that would have kept those men from the insanity of greed could not be Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon Beautiful women want nsa Rosemont was not recognized if it was.

Those same men of special privilege even went Mlton far as to change the rules and policies that workers had operated under for decades, but the changes were made to the advantage of those Oregn and the disadvantage of the worker. It was this that prompted my final letter of appeal and I sent Sex club in Milton freewater Oregon in a strident note:.

This week we have been having meetings in our Conference concerning the changes to be made in the workers sustentation plan.