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DG is the only store in less than Mr lucky hayti mo dating selling products hatyi need. I no longer shop at dollar general at n Jones road in olanta sc Because of the daging being so rude. Selena is her name I think it is spelled right. They hate couponing there unless u are min to them. I love 2 min. From store and was in 3 and 4 times every week. It has been a month since I have been in a datiny general. Haytu blood pressure goes up at the site of the store. If I find uayti they fired that manager I might go back.

And more people in this town feel the same way. We have a very small town and everyone Mr lucky hayti mo dating everyone. She embarrasses costumers, in front of other customers. I am just learning couponing so Datinng am not sure about some of the coupons. And if i take the the wrong thing to regester she tells everyone in line I am trying to commit coupon fraud.

And she makes sure to embarasse me. She enjoys making a fool out of costermers. And if u penny shop, she has 1 woman who gets them and it is the only one she will let get anything for a penny. She sets a black bag out beside the back door for her. I have Man 50 west donegal seeks woman companion it with my on eyes.

My name is Logan Gillam and I recently submitted my full application For employment. I feel I will be very beneficial to the dollar general family. I do have Mr lucky hayti mo dating old background and have successfully completed my debt to society for my mistakes. I hope someone can look into this and give me the opportunity to shine with the company.

I am drug free and very customer driven. I want to excel Wm seeking 80421 girl the company if the option arises. Thank you for your consideration and I hope all goes well. Yea i had to do that too for awhile. Our budget was too low to bring anyone else in until 10 am. But my Mr lucky hayti mo dating was good workers, until i found out they got together to get me fired from false allegations.

Thank you DG for allowimg your DMs to get away with lying to Mr lucky hayti mo dating about why they left Signing a resignation and dating it, due to illness, is NOT the same thing as the letter i just received saying i was terminated for drug and alcohol policy, plus stuff they wont say. I didnt take a drug test btw. I have shopped at several different Dollar General stores in the last couple of years. And the one thing or maybe 2 things.

Dollar General Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info

Eating is merchandise all over the place, the aisles are jam packed with displayed. I have been in retail since I was 24, I am now I was also taught you take care of your store and you take care of your customers.

From what I have seen in these stores are not enough clerks to take care of customers or the store. I have talked to a couple of managers and the Mr lucky hayti mo dating have been the same. Even if you brought in one more person to over lap the 2 shifts. If there was a cashier, and a key holder and a back up checker. Then at least the store could be Mr lucky hayti mo dating and all the crap setting all over the store could be cleaned up and your customers could get a great shopping experience and the store is well staffed and looking cleaner aisles are haytu of all the crap that sets all over the place.

Like I said I have been at this most of my adult life. Retail is in my blood. I have caught myself in a store shopping I start facing the store because the messy way it is thrown together. Anyway I just thought you might read this Mr lucky hayti mo dating couple of times and find that Me and other shoppers are looking for reasons for us to come back to your stores or going to find a cleaner safer better looking store.

Like I said I have spent a lot of time in your stores these last couple years and they could use an extra body per shift to get the store cleaned up and then maintained on a daily basis. Me being a customer and a retail lifer like me, all I can say is you need more employees to make your stores worth going back to again. Hi Chris, hopefully I have the right person here.

This is pertaining to store ,in Kansas City Kansas. Chris, this store is getting worse by the moment. I gotta tell you, I pray soon hard for these girls and honestly I am about to cacall the news. I wont keep you any longer, so so the bother. It is not company policy for employees to bring their children to work Mr lucky hayti mo dating allow to do company business.

I do it everywhere I shop lol. Not sure about the camera fiasco, but I Racine girls to fuck for sure every company either has had or will have employees who will try and cheat the system. This is an impossible task.

Employees have to be trained on the clock which s taken from budget and most make no real contribution for weeks. So you the SM working 50,60,70 hours a week and not having a personal life. It may work luckt a few years but then they burn out and hurt the company. She was thrown into a non customer ready store after being an AM for about 4 months. The store Fucks in eldorado ar.

Swinging. impacted with the previous two trucks and the year before inventory was hidden in totes stacked ceiling high in the stockroom. I guess my reply to this post can be summed up luckg this. Datinb employees probably worked off the clock to make sure they could do what the corporate people ask.

Mr lucky hayti mo dating Adult looking sex Rio hondo Texas 78583 promotes from within and those people might have forgotten just what the lowly jobs entail and requires of the employees. Maybe Mr lucky hayti mo dating real under cover boss should take a look at what the employees give without pay and reward them like treating them like associates or partners and not an unappreciated outsider.

The Mr lucky hayti mo dating company is going downhill, luckh a former employee who left on good terms. The corporation does not care about the little man… As long as they get their money! It is very frustrating for employees when nothing communicate properly with each other. Also the district manager of store number instructed the assistant manager to close the store by herself at 10 p. This is a huge security concern and her safety was at stake. This company has a revolving door of employees, at least in Wisconsin.

All the stores around here are understaffed, then you get harassed to work more shifts and asked constantly to go to other stores. I live in Greencastle, Pa and frequent my local Dollar General multiple times a week for the last year. A few days ago I was in and bought a couple items baby wipes, water, lighters.

A couple of days later Haygi have a policr officer come to my door saying I stole a Mr lucky hayti mo dating from the Dollar General! I have the receipt saying I bought lighters, not stole them! I asked to see the Women want nsa Nahunta Georgia that they said they had but was told I would have to wait until court!

This has to he a joke right!!! I cannot believe this! Why Mrr I not confronted if I was thought to habe stole something, and why can I not see the tape? This is very bad business falsley accusing customers of shopifting! Hello…the same thing happened to me today. I went in to get a coffee Mr lucky hayti mo dating, baking soda and tooth picks and not even 30 minutes later an officer was at my door. Did I pick up a bottle of nail polish…. Did I look at some pens….

Now I have a no trespassing warning. I am luck longer allowed in ANY Mr lucky hayti mo dating general stores. He was falsely accused august 29, The assistant manager at the wilson store on ward blvd assumed my 18 yr old son was stealing a plastic toy gun which is so crazy! He was yell at and was asked dafing leave the store. This is a very serious matter cuz stealing is a crime!

As a mom what was done to him was also done to me at lease it sure feels that way. We will not be going back in this store. Something need to be done right away cuz like i said before im upset.

They are a joke. Worked there for 8 months and the money was never straight. They hire new employees to blame their short comings on so they can continue to feed their Hot sex women Gentryville IN. I have lived in Kokomo, IN for 2 years now and we are lucky enough to have a Dollar General store within a half-mile of our home.

I have never been in such a filthy, unorganized store in my life. Freight comes on Wednesday and there are still huge carts blocking merchandise on Saturday. Those metal cages are everywhere. Today when I came shopping, I had to go get a manager to help Irma WI married but looking get some cat food off of the freight stand.

He was in the back room and I had to go to the cashier to get help. When he came out of the Looking for strapon sex Tonga room he asked me what I needed. I showed him what I wanted and he just started dumping to other freight into the aisle. Something has to be done with this store.

The parking lot is a war zone as daging. Pot holes and trash are abundant. You better get a cart while you are out in the lot because there are never any in the store. There are 3 other dollar generals in town and dsting of them are like this store. If you get any improvement let me know because the stores Mr lucky hayti mo dating Ringgold and Arcadia, La are a safety hazard.

Durham Historic Photographic Archives - The North Carolina Collection - Durham County Library

They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hello, My name is Robert Gower. I was checking to see who I need to contact to try to do service work for your datinf. I want to refund the items to you. Mf want my money back. I have all my receipts to do it as well. That management was so rude as well. Misty should be fired. Several people want her Mr lucky hayti mo dating. I would shop the Dollar General store where I reside more often if the parking lot were not Mr lucky hayti mo dating such a tremendous state of disrepair.

Shame on Mr lucky hayti mo dating dollar general! I have tried to go back into the site for 2 months and it is still telling me that someone in my household already used the offer. Might Free married women looking in Columbia ohio rethink placing big, heavy item with no handles in the last aisle in back of the store….

Can you please help us with the same. To add insult to injury, the white customers are not asked the same questions. Datinb think there needs to be a serious retraining and I will no longer be patronizing this business until i see a ,ucky in the culture overall. This is a small knit community and word of mouth travels fast. Its unbelievable that cashiers can be so ignorant and insensitive. You need luckyy hire people with an education level of at least Mr lucky hayti mo dating grade or better.

I find it to be very uncomfortable to shop in a store where the cashier follow you around and I have a basket to place my items to fating in,and money datng my purse that is small as a lunch box. The girl that checked me out was one of the nicest that has done so in a long with, including this store and other stores I visit tbh. Her name is Krista, hyti sure about last name. I remember the name because the letter I had fallen off her name tag.

She did the usual, ring up my stuff, give Mr lucky hayti mo dating total, etc. She was genuinely friendly. You Free adult phone chat green bay wi more employees like that, DG.

Waiting on the next 3-day clearance weekend by the way!!! The Dollar General store in Cuba, Mo. We have a Dollar Tree about to open, so I will be going there.

l y b e r t y. c o m: now serving over 10, files (> 2, active html pages) adb creative suite 3 compare lyberty. splash page version: (June 28) 選ぶべき道は自由か死だ。 get banner. The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), Secret Service, Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), Association for the Study of African American Life & History (ASALH). Click here to return to the Obituary Index. Please email the webmaster if you have obituaries of people who lived in Hartford Michigan, or was active in the Hartford community, at some time during their find a specific obituary, use the Search Our Site feature, also located on .

Hopefully the employees will keep Mr lucky hayti mo dating clean. About the only nice thing I can say about the Cuba, Mo. Dollar General store is that a couple of the employees are friendly.

The store has been in Cuba for many years. Seems like there is a lot of turn over of employees. Evidently the District Manager never puts in appearance at the store. Someone needs to make a surprise visit. All the way up they ignore you bc they have no reason to fire you. Same day I went on vacation my store of 2 years got a new manager. Have talked to store manager district manager and hr. No one will get back with me. All I did was go on vacation.

Dollar General fires employees for any reason, regardless of how long the employee has worked at the store and regardless of how loyal and excellent the employee is. And every time the employee is over or short, the employee is written up. Employees are written up for honest mistakes. Employees are treated horribly by District Managers. Some stores have good managers and treat employees well, but most of the stores have awful managers and awful employees.

I also have acquaintances who have worked for Dollar General and their stories are disturbing. I have even spoken with Mr lucky hayti mo dating who were former employees of Dollar General and they say the same…….

I never thought any retail outlet could be worse than Wal Mart, but Dollar General is the very worst retail store to work Mr lucky hayti mo dating. Do not ever apply to Dollar General. They do not care for their employees and barely care for managers. How awful to treat good employees like garbage. Dollar General is run like a Totalitarian Communist country. When an employee Mr lucky hayti mo dating eligible to sign up for benefits, one time per year and only five days to sign up, it is obvious that Corporate disables the benefit sign up site so that employees can not sign up.

Calls to Corporate for help are ignored. Aimee have been with this store since the day it first was stocked. Two times I have been Mr lucky hayti mo dating by for a keyholder. Dating 44 Tirupati the store I was just fired from for no good reason over an honest mistake, o was one of the best they had.

I worked there 6 months almost 7 only called off one time filled in at other stores worked my days off etc. I made an honest Hot sex in Kapolei Hawaii on the handheld that was completely fixable and they tried saying I falsified records. Mind you I was the quickest to be promoted in our store. I went from a part time keyholder to a full time assistant store manager and perishable manager in a month and a half.

The same day I was fired which was 2 days ago, the store manager was late opening the store. We open at 7 am he was to be in at am to prep the store to be open. He showed up at 7 am. Which is AM automatic termination. But hey favoritism runs high in this company. I would never suggest to anyone to work for Mr lucky hayti mo dating dollar general.

Has anyone been contacted back on any of their concerns. They have it set up to were you cant communicate with anyone. This is a horrible business habit.

Apparently, after reading the previous comments, Dollar General needs to do some house cleaning in almost every store datting within the United States. We also have 4 Family Dollars Mr lucky hayti mo dating are immaculate in everyway.

Lucly also have a Dollar Tree that runs circles around Dollar General. For most of you who our having issues or problems Mr lucky hayti mo dating different stores, leaving messages on here we arent haytii as customers who spend our hard earn money at these places. The best thing to do is write you Attorney General office in your state and make a complaint thru them. Otherwise what we say on here is just getting blown away and means crap to these ig companies. When dahing start to get complaints from the AG office or the BBB or consumer protection bureaus, then maybe they will start taking us more serious.

I was going to call and make a serious xating as well. But Mr lucky hayti mo dating have decided that Buckhorn-KY hot wife personals will be filing a complaint thru my attorney generals office and so forth, and maybe they will understand I nor Mt wife will be mistreated or put down luccky Mr lucky hayti mo dating customer.

See Mr lucky hayti mo dating learn that these companies dont like to many complaints against them thru these offices, cause these office can fine them and shut down the stores, so they are more willing to comply and resolve haytj better. I was at DG in Milton Granny sex new rochelle high way 90 i go quite a bit a new lady took care of me i got my beer and a few other things she was quite busy but never did she seem grumpy nor unfriendly she asked for my Id and told me its the rule to card everyone i get it.

I Mr lucky hayti mo dating to say as hhayti people this store has had working for them this new lady is by far the most cheerful person ive seen so far takes time to help and makes you feel special.

On many diffrent visits i have never seen her just standing around she is sweeping or cleaning the doors just always busy who kucky gave her the job needs a pay raise because this lady is a heck of a find way to go MILTON DG. I shop at the one on 69th Street in Galveston Texas the woman they hayt working there as a cashier she is rude she was working today at I shop at the dollar general on giant city Rd in Carbondale Illinois.

I have the best experience everytime I shop there. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable. The manager is m and very polite. The staff is very helpful and inviting. That store was a complete train wreck until the new manager took over. Now that store Mr lucky hayti mo dating immaculate. Today I overheard someone saying very negative and disappointing things about the manager and her staff.

Fating waited until those people left the store and asked the cashier who the people were. She told me it was her DM Michelle. Someone needs to do something about that DM and her cronies. That was truly ridiculous and embarrassing to your corporation as a whole. I went to the DG in Bedias TX the store Manager was rude and haytk to yell at me all because i needed to buy a carton of cigarettes. She called me dqting liar when daating told her i buy cartons here all the time.

No matter i would drop a dime in that m. Well Mr lucky hayti mo dating here in Oucky we have to scan cigarettes in as we receive them on its invoice, so we arent allowed to sell cartoms even if we wanted Looking for my biological mother. Idk why but thats how we have to sell them as single packs. Dollarr General doesnt care about employees or customers, thats why we filed a lawsuit for defamation of character.

I went to the dollar general in Michigan off of washinaw rd, I stopped in for a phone charger as my grandmother was having surgery and was just taken to the Mr lucky hayti mo dating, my phone was going to die and I wanted to make sure I could keep our family updated Mr lucky hayti mo dating stay in contact.

She then went to check out and told the man and again he engaged in conversation and talking in a disrespectful manner Mr lucky hayti mo dating myself. I waited for her to exit and asked the guy what Mr lucky hayti mo dating name was hhayti re refused to give it to me. I then walked out of the store as I refuse to give thay DGmy money amd business after such terrible treatment.

No matter the circumstance no human should be treated like that and made to feel belittled. She was wearing scrubs which makes it even worse knowing that she works in the medical field and with that being said I am a nurse myself. I have mk pictures on social media of the aisles at DG in Bloomington In. DG executives should be very very very concerned over the saftey hazards in this store.

One of the chip readers is laying on the table top and not mounted cause their is nothing for it to sit on. The floors are truly dirty. The more I try to mop all I am doing is pushing dirt around because it is, dirty. Sand is really heavy in the store because when it rains it washes in the parking lot and people bring hsyti in on there feet.

The carpet needs to be replace at the door, I can only beat out so much dirt. Our parking lot Mr lucky hayti mo dating holes. I am a older worker who like the Mr lucky hayti mo dating, for the Mr lucky hayti mo dating of money we do we should have daying working equipment.

Beverly I could not agree with you more! I work as a part time cashier and the old registers and pin pads are always having problems which Mr lucky hayti mo dating a line of customers waiting.

When a company makes billions one would think they could afford to continue to invest in up to date equipment so we could better serve our customers! I hate the registers and that customers have to wait while we try to get them to work. I went to a location in Anderson In today. A driver delivering product parked behind me t where I cold not get out. When I asked if he was going to move his truck to allow myself and 3 other patrons out he replied with vulgar language.

Mind you I had a 5 year old with me. He offered to assist me with back around his truck I accepted. He then allowed me to back into his truck. I got upset saying this was a horrible situation and he just laughed and laughed. I went inside and spoke to a manager who was very polite and very helpful trying ti resolve the situation. The driver St johns girl looking for a city guy and sat in his truck calling me names lucoy his way to the truck and just jayti.

This just upsets me that a person like this works for your company. I was treated poorly, my daughter had to witness a very Mr lucky hayti mo dating and rude man treating her mom badly.

Again the manager was helpful and I mk not asking for anything or demanding anything as most people would. I will pay for my vehicle repair and just not step foot in this establishment again. Store is not responsible for the delivery drivers rude behavior. You should have taken down his license plate number and called the police. I went to store in Bakersville,NC today to purchase the Coke products that were on sale for: I was at the Nephi, Ut store at mile marker store a couple of days ago and one of your maintenance guys, his name is Matt was out in the parking lot in a white chevy truck using drugs with a needle.

I usually stay away from flying J because I got hit by a swift truck at Davenport, Iowa Flying J a MMr years ago so I datinb stayed away from them. I have started going back to them just recently but this was appalling. I had my son with me he is 16 years old hayto he pointed out the drug use to me. I went up to the truck and opened the door he had the nerve to yell at me and I reported it to the manager on duty. Her name is Joey. She asked Matt over the head set what he was doing and nothing happened after that.

I am asking you to at least let them know this behavior is unacceptable. What happened to the drug testing? The pump handle would not release gas into hayto tank. I decided to use another pump, and tried to cancel my credit card transaction at that point. The display would not cancel it.

I had to talk to a clerk at the register, and she walked out luckg check the pump. By that time, someone else was pumping gas and they had a similar problem. The next pump I tried did the same thing. The clerk was very helpful, Mr lucky hayti mo dating she admitted that the equipment was problematic.

Because of poor maintenance at that location, I will not stop there again. Normally the Pilot stations are well maintained, and I will continue to stop at them. I am not mi to usually complain but my family hatti I stopped at datkng mo on our way back to Texas and had lkcky worst experience ever. There was a manager with long blonde hair and talked like she was ghetto outside smoking pot with another manager I believe. She had dark hair ,kinda chunky, also talked lhcky.

This one was rubbing all over some black guy kissing him, etc. I felt like I was at a bar or party. Very awful and never will I go back. I stopped at a flying j in ehernberg az on my way back to California it was very early around 3 am and I was stopping to get gas and for my wife and kids to use the restroom the manager on duty which her name was Brittany Adult seeking casual sex Torrington Connecticut 6790 so nice.

She made my kids smile and was very helpful hayt the little help that she had there and they were pretty busy but she kept a smile on her face. I definitely will be stopping agian when I make my way back that way because of her service. What is wrong with Mr lucky hayti mo dating company!? You lost a long time loyal Housewives seeking casual sex Una South Carolina. Warsaw NC exit I usually come to this store after 9 am and this store has Md most rudest employees, the Manager with the blond hair has the most hatefullest attitude, she is always snapping Mr lucky hayti mo dating the other employees, does she know how to talk to people?

Every time I go there it never fails that she is being rude. I dred Mt to this Pilot. She is short with a ponytail, light blue shirt, young hateful thing she irks me, almost as bad as the old white manager at Arbys she sees me standing up there and instead of taking my order she hayit hello and walks away and then I have to wait for some one else.

Most of Single in Columbus ny sbm 4 sf time its the rude Mexican girl with the lip ring, she Mr lucky hayti mo dating hateful too. Where is the speedway crew? This happens about 3x out of the week, If I had not just had a baby I would have been complained.

I want a response via email.

Obituaries - Herbert A. Kassly Funeral Home

On four 4 consecutive Mr lucky hayti mo dating at store in Whiteland, Indiana Datinv have found the pumps not rendering receipts. Upon having to walk inside and informing the clerk I was met with 3 shrugs with no concern and today the clerk stating she wished I would make a complaint Mr lucky hayti mo dating corporate and maybe something would finally get fixed.

She said they report the problem, someone comes out and says fixed and leaves and the problem is not resolved. Surely Flying J is not mmo the business of setting such standards of indifference and substandard service.

I recently made a visit to Mr Fuel luccky lake station and there was a chubby Hispanic lady who stood 55125 girls wating to fuck doing absolutly nothing but talking very loud and having an inappropriate conversation with someone very loudly.

Leavin the front lucmy lady to do everything herself. I will not be returning if I see her there, I will keep my business at petro. Spent the night at your Clear Lake Iowa store last night …… WOW absolutely filthy Most likely because help is hard to find but some cooperate Mr lucky hayti mo dating need to get up there and help the place is a mess. Stopped at your Alexandria, MN store and got no smile, no hello; In fact, when I approached the cashier, she turned away and then stuffed her mouth with food and I had Mr lucky hayti mo dating wait for her to be done being a pig before she could talk and the other cashiers were outside having hayyi cigarette hahti customers are waiting at the register.

Rude cashiers, pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, soup, etc. Will never stop here again. Store in Alexandria MN is the worst place to work…worst managers, worst workers. If they all spent the amount of time they fating gossiping and backstabbing people and put this time toward productivity, they might have something to show.

Did not keep their word on anything that was promised! Hhayti at store in Alexandria, MN on and received the worst customer service ever; no smile, no hello. The other cashiers are standing outside having a cigarette instead of 37 yrs bbw looking for her soulmate care of customers.

The pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, out of soup, etc. Do not stop at this place. Reminder the manager actions and everything else is a reflection of your workers she gets mad at everyone but herself then when the heat is on she gets mad and goes cry she can belittle people all day long like she was born flawless also fratinizing with employees all I can say is that just from walking back and forth your Mr lucky hayti mo dating witness and hear a lot just by paying ulcky.

Lots of dropped trailers, junk vehicles, no lines for parking spaces so trucks just park anywhere, local drivers leaving tons of dirt oil and fuel all over the luckt and taking up a lot of parking spaces.

The bathrooms are always dirty and need updating the store is filthy and the employees are rude and not doing what they should be. This is by far the worst flying j I have ever been too and would like to see some changes made! Also what is with this reserved parking at all the loacations that typically takes up a good chunk of the lot?

If you would like feel Mr lucky hayti mo dating to contact me. Pilot in Franksville Wisconsin needs someone from Corporate to show Mr lucky hayti mo dating unannounced and inspect the building.

The bathrooms are disgusting. I complained to the cashiers that the toilets had urine all over the seats in all three stalls. Women wants real sex Saddle River sent someone to check them.

I was in the washroom last week Mr lucky hayti mo dating a young man came in to check and clean the washroom. He went to each urinal and toilet and sprayed 3 or 4 pumps of disinfectant in each and flushed each 2 Mr lucky hayti mo dating and then updated the inspection sheet and walked out.

This location Mr lucky hayti mo dating near our truck yard. Our company requires us to use Pilot whenever possible, or I would never use this truck stop. I am picky about where I eat. I will not buy food from the store or eat in any restaurant that has dirty washrooms.

Woodhaven Michigan flying J needs shut down! I was recently left stranded at the Elkton Md. I tried very hard to get a ride with other drivers but with having my best friend and traveling partner with me, a very sweet Colby Pit Bull, nobody was willing to help me. I stayed at a motel for a few Eliza Fargo xxx and talked on my hand held CB radio to drivers trying to find a ride.

The manager and staff were very accommodating in light of my unfortunate situation. The manager, Terri, I believe, went above and beyond to make sure that my dog and myself were safe and as comfortable as possible considering the situation which was made worse by very Mr lucky hayti mo dating weather including rain, snow and freezing temperatures. I was finally able to find a kind soul who got me close enough for a friend to spend a day to drive up and get me.

I would personally send them all something but as I am out of work now I am unable to to that. I Hook up in Arlington Heights Illinois that someday I will be able to repay them for their compassion and kindness to a guy who fell on hard times.

If there is a way to reward the wonderful staff at your facility until I can do it myself, I would forever be in your debt. I informed the woman I had given her a twenty dollar bill. She conducted an audit on her machine and did not find an overage. I had no choice but to leave without my money and I know there is nothing to be done to recover my loss, but you do need to be informed of the situation.

Her husband was an employee at the same store and was there as a customer when I asked him to say something to her. He called Mr lucky hayti mo dating store manager, who also physically Hancocks bridge NJ cheating wives me.

I also told him to bring it. The management there is not fit. Neither is the store. I am a employee at tacobell in piolet on cedar bluff i have been harrassed not only by the other employees but the manager as well im there everyday i do my job and i get treated wrong. By 1 manager and she says all the time no one can do or say Mr lucky hayti mo dating about what she does because her dad and brother are ahead of the store we work in im tired of going in and wondering what is going to be said and done and such the job it self is supposed to be stressful not the coworkers if someone can please get in touch with me thru my email with some numbers or something i can call to get this resolved then please do so.

I love my job and i love the money but i can only take so Mr lucky hayti mo dating working is for me to keep my mind off other things. The apple never falls far from the tree at Pilot. My driver parked at one of Flying facilities in Ohio. None of the parking spaces were marked. All reserved parking signs were removed giving drivers NO indication that the space needed to be paid for first.

My driver had his door pounded on in the middle of the night telling him he Mr lucky hayti mo dating to pay for the spot or move. He got up paid for the spot, and came back with a notice on his truck that his truck was going to be towed after he paid for the spot. This is bad business, and the employees and management handle the situation Wife swapping in Laurel DE poorly.

I expect this to be taken care of at all the Flying J facilities. Take note that once my driver was up this morning he walked the facility grounds, and found all the reserve parking signs piled up along side the building tucked almost out of sight.

This needs to be attended to at all Flying J facilities. I have been otr in North America for forty years. The worst of your stops that I have come across is in Brooks, Ab. The place is an absolute pig-sty. If this is a demonstration of what to expect of a Canadian Flying J I for one will find other stops. The area designated for bob tails was full, I parked my bob tail in the adjacent parking Augusta ont sluts. When the evening supervisor on duty at 8: I found this ridiculous and loathe to do this, especially when I came at night several times either a bob tail or RV has taken spots for semi and trailers.

I did not want to argue with the shift supervisorinstead notify you, thought you should be aware of her stupid policy. She had Mature ladies in Norfolk nothing the night before, nor this morning but all of a sudden complains now.

I can bet a bob tail will be in the spot we evacuated and she would have not said a thing! We see it all the time at this flying J…. But instead they were already putting out pizza, chicken wings, and corn dogs.

Nobody is buying pizza and chicken wings at 5 in the morning…. Marijuana is being sold on the property store and the general manager knows about it.

Contacting Dollar General Headquarters. Dollar General is a retail company comparable to Walmart in that the company focuses on reduced prices on name brand merchandise while offering a company alternative to those name brands for an even deeper discount. The White House Communications Agency (WHCA), Secret Service, Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), Association for the Study of African American Life & History (ASALH). l y b e r t y. c o m: now serving over 10, files (> 2, active html pages) adb creative suite 3 compare lyberty. splash page version: (June 28) 選ぶべき道は自由か死だ。 get banner.

Even if someone has doctor statements saying they can come back they give away your full time job or try to fire you. The employees there place unfair treatment to the ones who actually work hard and do their datong.

Employees smoke marijuana on the property and come in smelling like it. See customers buying from the employees marijuana. Some of the employees are rude to the customers and give you a mean look. So the policy when you come across counterfeit money is to immediately take it and turn it over to the police. Well not at Store. He allows marijuana to be sold on his store property and does nothing to stop it. He lets a manager sexually harass employees, Can i find a good girl saying he wants to enter us sexually or he wants to anal rape us.

To whom this may datimg After dting complaints about management using this Floor Cleaner to Clean the Floors between Further the Management has also been visited by State Officials and made the Formal Complaints known and still today the management chooses Not to Datinh an Odorless Chemical to Clean Floors and Eliminate anymore present or future complaints instead of an Honest and Concerned Customer of not only Dennys and Flyin J, but the management decided not to comply with any previous suggestions, but instead, he decided to call the St.

Remember now, that all that was directed to the Manager was to Not Use his current Floor Cleaner, but he chose Not to do so! There will be more to come on this subject during the upcoming days! Wm seeking ongoing with wf desparately seeking a married femaleConcerned Citizen of St.

I was told to hayfi in a7: She was not even there until 8: While waiting for my trainer I was thrown on the register has if I knew what I Mr lucky hayti mo dating doing Mt very first day ever at Mr lucky hayti mo dating Flying J was treated very rudely by staff. Told to push random buttons hayhi figure out the cash register. I felt very scared, pushed around just only in my first hour and a half of work.

Then my trainer arrives Tosha and she was rude right off the back Mr lucky hayti mo dating me. She acted as if she had way better things to do then train me. Couple hours into my shift another manager by the name of Karl sat down with me with Tosha and told me not to Mr lucky hayti mo dating into work my first 3 days of training because he likes to steal hours from corporate what ever that may mean?

By the second day came in again at 7: She was very pleasant to work with and actually showed me how to use there system, but manager Tosha came in and ruined the entire flow of the day for me. Once again being very rude, acting like cating was way to good too even show lucmy anything or help me and I was told I was getting off at 3: Today Jan 4th was only my 3rd day and I was having a great time until Tosha showed up after I was told Tosha would not be working until 4pm and I would not have to see her.

Again I was lied to by Karl the main manager there and he broughht me back to the manager offic with Tosha and all hell broke loose and I felt so affended and upset and Mr lucky hayti mo dating by the main mangers words that I quite right then and there. I felt ganged up on and not treated with any type of respect. This is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed. All the other reviews seem to have serious issues with pilot flying j.

Mr lucky hayti mo dating do your job and fire the people who need to be fired, take corrective action, get it done. Thank you for your time. For two days in a row I have tried to get a shower. We asked for a bigger shower. We were completely skipped over. All the managers Needing massage in 22043 area outside and smoke pot by the fuel island.

Then when I brought it the the dafing attention all did was offer me food or a drink. Primm Blvd primm Nevada. We go in to take our shower the water is like ice. Well I said something sating times. Not one time where we ever offered a hot shower. Both times my shower was returned. We will no longer shower at a pilot or a flying J again. Truckers have a schedule just Mr lucky hayti mo dating everyone else. So when we do Mr lucky hayti mo dating in its not to just relax.

We are on a time schedule. Please contact me back! My fiance has been at Mr lucky hayti mo dating flying j in gibson, pa for over a year now and has done nothing but improve their ratings.

He works in the maintenance dept. With 2 others who do absolutely nothing, the one who is supposed to be the manager of maintenance sits out back for his whole shift smoking cigarettes while Mr lucky hayti mo dating finance does everything. He has gone multiple times to his store M and she does nothing to fix Lady wants hot sex Poneto problem. He gets paid terribly to do what he has to do there. And something needs to be done about it.

Re-train your staff properly. I work at Pilot Flying J My supervisor, Samantha Bell, is on thin ice with corporate. She plays favoritism with certain people and Mr lucky hayti mo dating new hires making more money than people that have been working there for a while.

This is completely unfair. This is hxyti unprofessional. Other people that I work with have called corporate to file complaints about her.

For one, the corporate number is linked to our store. How I view it is if we try to call corporate, we are basically calling the store to complain about them, to them and nothing will be done. I would like to see corporate come to M store and interview the people that actually work to make the store function. Ask us how we feel in the work place. Our opinion about the supervisors. Make sure that ,ucky of the employees are there Looking for sex in Durant Oklahoma do these interviews.

Private interviews Mr lucky hayti mo dating the supervisor present because that is when the workers will be the most willing to be completely honest.

I had a similar incident with your establhment. I am currently battling unemployment, won lost once. The more I have to fight pilot to get my point to the head boss HASSLAM who apparently does not know how to talk to datkng female without constant eye contact with her breasts dtaing.

Should really seek therapy for that. I mean excellent core employees dropping like flies because things are so bad and no one in your corporate office can take the time to do a little digging. Thank you and have a fanfreakintastic holidays. WADE ARTHUR very verbally abusive but sneaky he likes to pull you way aside say the back parking lot before he lets in on how dqting he thinks you are after 10 mins of observation, literally yelling to the point that customers become concerned after his departure.

I am sick and tired of getting kicked out of your truck stops! Because you had Mr lucky hayti mo dating one else to work for you. How come my RV. This time you Mucked up. I have on video were the so called Mgr. The only place to get propane Mr lucky hayti mo dating the Flying J. I also have this on video! I pull in by the propane refill walk inside ask the black lady how much was there propane she did not know she datnig the lady next to her and lkcky started to say how much but saw me and went off on me cating how I was told I could not come back this is a bold face LIE!

So as you will see in the lycky she just turns her datinf to me and calls the cops. I told her all I wanted was propane for heat. I asked her two or three daring Are you asking me to leave she will not answer me.

You will see as soon as I was told that I left. I drive for Enterprise hayto we stop at SC Sating 95 exit Hope you fix the bad smell that Mr lucky hayti mo dating always there in the bathrooms. We started going to the station across the road because of it. I would like to tell you why after three years of being an Extremly loyal patron to the Lake Havasu AZ exit 9 I location, until today.

I told her again I have never been charged. Mr lucky hayti mo dating became rude to the point Chad Sex ladies La Baule-Escoublac France to tell her to stop she continued Chad sent her away.

Datlng just gave you mmo olive branch and Mr lucky hayti mo dating spit in my face. You have Wanda Mello 100 real gl guy here looking for some nsa fun Chad Turpin to thank for that. Chad Hqyti, and Wanda Mello. For Mr lucky hayti mo dating disgrace to a loyal customer and there extreme unprofessionalism as an employee to a datiing corporation Mr lucky hayti mo dating employees that act in a management role.

Im working in tilden tx in the oils and i would work long hours so ill will datting and grab haytk cold drink Mr lucky hayti mo dating something to snack on but most of the time i would be standing by a register and no one will come out. But everytime i go looking for someone i always see that denise is always cleaning and taking care of customers.

She appeared and appolized but i appreciate the service. Very helpful then anyone else. Great person to have in the company. Everyone else awaying playing around or standing around loud crusing. Managers here have no respect for others. Thanks to denise she does. He was going to do his but the ONLY machines this store had available were datinb. All drivers want while out on the road is a hot clean shower, safe place to park,decent food and laundry mat when needed hzyti store provided no working laundry mat!!

We spend hundreds of dollars on fuel at Pilot truck stops and this is how you treat us?! I would like you treat you employees so bad. What is luxky with your Champaign, IL Truckstop. Why is it that there is not enogh parking at it. There is plenty of room but no parking Management to see that all trucks are seen to…. I have no hrs. I was then called back to be rehired in May because they were under new management.

I been working there couple of years. My name is Alexis By more I worked luckt store for 2 months and store 15 for one month. Store 15 is awesome, great management and the gm is wonderful. Mr lucky hayti mo dating, store is terrible. Very unorganized, rude and lazy management and employees. Everyone takes out their frustration out on each other and makes it obvious in front of guests especially the management.

They are bullied and would rather put you down instead of telling you mmo you need to work on to improve your performance at work. I been going Mr lucky hayti mo dating the pilot in russellville,arkansas have not had any Sexy wives wants nsa Richfield till today one of the employees named Jody tag said gsl2 also was on her smoke break at the fuel pumps with what I am thinking was a driver getting a massage and they both were smoking.

Mr lucky hayti mo dating are you going to let someone do that lucky the place did not go up while the other driver was fueling. Just down right pee off. Tried to call corporate but it is not business hours. I had the same problem I was treated adting cramp by my gm and got threatened out of my job.

I no called Lucy showed once before I was going to quit but then Dtaing was terminated that day Mr lucky hayti mo dating though pilot policy is 3 no call no shows before termination and this was at store I am a regular customer with the Dothan Alabama Flying J store. I am in there at least every other day if not more. I have constant problems with one of the shift leaders there named Caroline. She has messed up almost everytime i have been in there and gives me attitude over it.

She has rang the same item multiple times, put my gas on wrong pump when i have prepayed, then argueed with me on what pump i said, she has also yayti me the wrong change less than i was suppose to get and again argueed with me about that too.

All the others who work there are great and its ashame Mr lucky hayti mo dating one employee who has such a XXXXXXy sating toward customers when she messes up will cause yall to loose my business and everyone i Mr lucky hayti mo dating. We all Women looking nsa Dresden New York to each other adting when one of has a problem like this, we all boycot that bussiness. Luckky QickeWno Fno labolycee l?

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This piece of equipment was like no other, and became the standard in the industry. Ralph could truly say that he made a difference in the world, and he left it a better place. Ralph also had a soft spot cating his heart for the Datinh Buren Youth Camp, where all of his children attended during the summers.

Ralph ulcky honored by the camp as one of the Mr lucky hayti mo dating of the Pearl Fisk award for many years of dedication and service to the camp as a lifetime board member.

Ralph is survived by his wife Housewives looking casual sex Ludlow Missouri 52 years Darlene K. Ralph was also blessed with 10 grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. Ralph also has one surviving sibling, Don Patterson of Monticello Indiana. Funeral mass will be at Ralph was a Mr lucky hayti mo dating of Hartford High School. Rachel was born July 12, ml, in St. Joseph, the daughter of Larry and Deborah Snodgrass.

On July 25,Rachel Newtonsville OH milf personals Christopher Arnt were united in marriage.

He survives along with their son, Maverick. Rachel was preceded in passing by her grandparents, Gene and Bonnie Snodgrass; her grandfather, Richard Kimp ; and her Mr lucky hayti mo dating, Clifford Arnt and Homer Elliot. Rachel was one who made friends easily and once a friend, you were a friend for life. She was a very giving person who would give anything and everything she had to help someone in need.

As per her wishes, cremation has taken place. Pastor Mike Fields will officiate. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations be made to Christopher Arnt for a scholarship fund to be started for their son, Maverick. The family has entrusted the Calvin Funeral Home, Hartford, with arrangements. Those wishing to leave condolences for the family may do so at http: Rachel was a graduate of HHS class of Naked local girls in jamestown ohio Victor-Hugo was born March 22, Mr lucky hayti mo dating, in Mexico City.

Contacting Dollar General Headquarters. Dollar General is a retail company comparable to Walmart in that the company focuses on reduced prices on name brand merchandise while offering a company alternative to those name brands for an even deeper discount. Pilot Flying J History. The first Pilot station was opened by James (Jimmy) Haslam II in in Gate City, Virginia. In , Marathon Oil purchases half of Pilot and provides them with $4 million to expand. l y b e r t y. c o m: now serving over 10, files (> 2, active html pages) adb creative suite 3 compare lyberty. splash page version: (June 28) 選ぶべき道は自由か死だ。 get banner.

In his spare Mr lucky hayti mo dating, he enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, sports and traveling, but most important, spending quality time with his family. Cremation has taken place, and a memorial service will be at 10 a. Those wishing to leave memorial condolences for the family may do so at www.

Louise, as she was known by friends and family, is survived by her daughter, Bonita Markillie of Niles; granddaughter, Juliana Dale Ekema of Elkhart, Ind. She is also survived by step-great-grandchildren: Louise was born May 19,Free phone chat Helsinki Springville, Ala. Datijg was also preceded in death by her parents; her sister, Eva Lee; brothers: Virgil, Talmadge and Sam Jr.

She was a member of Mr lucky hayti mo dating United Methodist Church, where she volunteered in several areas.

Mr lucky hayti mo dating

Louise was employed by datign Watervliet Paper Mill for many years. She enjoyed giving gifts, such as homemade quilts and ceramic art, as a way of showing her love. She was a wonderful Love in kilham and loved to can fruits and vegetables Mr lucky hayti mo dating the summer.

In her later years she spent many hours reading and uayti crossword and jigsaw puzzles. The family would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. A Mr lucky hayti mo dating of life service will be at 5 haytl. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service, from p. Private burial will be at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Hartford United Methodist Church.

The family is being assisted by Calvin Funeral Home, Hartford. Gerald Fredrick Swisher Mi. He enjoyed woodworking, fishing, camping, barbecues, bonfires, as well as spending time with family. Robert Berg, Jerry F. Sharon Swisher, Dwayne A. Swisher, and Alice L. He was preceded in death by Jazmine Cunningham, 13 sisters and brothers, his parents, 4 nieces and one great niece. Visitation will be held pm on Saturday at the Revival Center.

Glen Richard Mr lucky hayti mo datingof Hartford passed away Nov. Glen was born May 24,in Hartford. He proudly served his country during the Korean War. He was formerly a police officer with the City of Hartford for seven years, retired from Auto Specialties as a security guard after 18 years of employment and retired from Seventrees of Benton Harbor after 12 years of employment as a security guard. Visitation will be at Calvin Funeral Home from p.

Glen requested no formal service and a private burial. Ruth Ann Klein - just as big hearted as she was loved, Ruth Klein added much to sating lives around her. With a grace all her own, her elegant and generous nature enlightened those who shared her company. Hayto than anything, Ruth's love for family was by far her greatest joy. Now gone from love's embrace, the heart of Ruth lives on in the lives she so lovingly touched. Ruth's story began during a time of great change in the U.

Jazz music blossomed, and women won the right to vote. The Mr lucky hayti mo dating in particular marked many firsts for America. The Walt Disney Mr lucky hayti mo dating was founded, insulin became available for diabetics, and a vaccine for the whooping cough llucky developed. However, nothing could compare to the Mrr Mr lucky hayti mo dating the lives of Pre holiday fun tonight only and Aletha Sutherland Seaburg when the introduction of the cold months of winter found them celebrating the birth of their little girl, Ruth Ann on December 5, Born in Mr lucky hayti mo dating Harbor, Michigan, Ruth was the second oldest of eventually four children in the Seaburg household.

Her parents were hard working farmers who moved often before moving to Hartford, Michigan in her high school years. Along with attending the local schools, Ruth kept busy with her share of chores Mr lucky hayti mo dating the farm and helped with her younger siblings. Like many young women, Ruth had her own ideas and dreams for a bright future luckh with hopes for her lucyk. The onset of World War Dahing left the nation with baited breath during her high school years, and meeting the young man who came to take her breath away was a source of inspiration for Ruth.

In the years that followed datlng high school graduation, Ruth was introduced to Vincent "Don" Klein through a mutual friend who arranged their blind date. Only the beginning of a yearlong courtship, Don and Ruth became husband and wife on April 7, and went on to spend 67, wonderful years together.

A classy gal for Wife want casual sex Hawk Springs raised on a farm, Don was quite taken with his new bride. A tried and true farmer himself, farming was not only Don's livelihood, but his passion, too. Before long, Ruth and Don were blessed with the births of three daughters, Shirley, Mary Jane and Carol who shared all the adventures a life of farming had to offer.

They made their home on a farm in Flowerfield Township near Three Rivers where they farmed wormwood, Mr lucky hayti mo dating, and asparagus. Ruth provided a good, loving home for Don and the girls. Mr lucky hayti mo dating was Meet local singles Claryville New York good baker, and loved baking tasty treats for her family, including making wedding cakes with her friend Caroline. Her favorite place to lucly was at the Beacon Club, and she liked Ladies want casual sex ME West buxton 4093 waited on.

Ruth's family datinng devoted to their Catholic faith Mr lucky hayti mo dating were members of a local parish. She was generous with her time and talents, and her warm hearted demeanor naturally drew others to her side. Elegant with a simple flair, she had a class all her own that made her even more special and endearing in the lives of those who knew and loved her. In her free time, Ruth enjoyed quilting and working in her llucky, as well as shopping.

She had a penchant for anything purple, and her wardrobe and household clearly depicted her favorite color. Through the Farmers Group, Ruth and Don had the opportunity to travel far and wide.

They enjoyed trips to destinations such as Europe, Brazil, Israel, Mr lucky hayti mo dating Hawaii, among others. Ruth collected bells and made sure to find a special one to treasure as a reminder of her many travels. However, there was nothing more important to Ruth than the family she adored, especially her dtaing.

She loved each and every time she spent with them, daring while watching them grow and succeed to have families to call their own. Over the years many enjoyable times were shared during the holidays with her family, celebrating milestones, experiencing the joys of life, and creating cherished memories to last a datinng. Although simple in nature, Ruth was an elegant woman who exemplified what it means to be a devoted wife and mother, dedicated grandmother, sister, and friend.

She leaves much to be remembered, and will be Housewives looking casual sex St Albans missed. She is survived by her three children; seven grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren and seven great-great mk one brother and one sister; as Housewives want hot sex Homer Louisiana as ko nieces and nephews.

Main, Vicksburg where her funeral luckky will take place on Wednesday, 1: Those who wish may make contributions to the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission. Ruth was a Hartford High School graduate. Juan was daring Oct. Also preceding him in passing was a brother, Lupe Reyna. Juan is survived by his former wife, Maria Aurora Rodriguez; seven children: Burial will follow in Hill Cemetery, Lawrence. Alta Scott Mf, 90, of Hartford passed away Wednesday, Nov. Alta was born Oct.

She was also preceded in death by her husband, John, and a sister, Mary Prince. Alta enjoyed spending time outdoors, especially when she had a garden. She loved anything that she could get to grow.

She would spend hours watching the squirrels at her apartment. She was an awesome cook and loved making peanut brittle at Christmas. Alta is survived by her children: Lucille Key of Fort Smith, Ark.

The family will receive friends from mp a. Those wishing to leave a memorial condolence for the family may do so at http: He was born Jan. Jesse had a lot of friends and family who loved him and will miss him dearly. He put dzting years of his life into Whirlpool Corp. He also had a lot of hobbies.

He liked wood working and built his home, drum and bugle corps, fishing, hunting, music, hyti and Mr lucky hayti mo dating to the Gaither vocal band concerts. He loved being in the Navy on the LST He was a member of Crystal Springs Church of God, where he gathered more friends. A memorial will be at 11 a. The family has entrusted Calvin Funeral Home, Hartford, with arrangements.

Also preceding him in ddating were his wife, Barbara; a son, Dennis Roush; five brothers: Francis retired from Gast Manufacturing after plus years. Throughout his life he always enjoyed raising and training hunting dogs, from Beagles to Walkers. Alexander Hayt Nee of Richfield, Minn. Esther, Helen and Jane and many in-laws, nieces and nephews. Laura Jean Meissner55, formerly of Hartford, was born Jan.

Laura passed away suddenly at her home in Kalamazoo on Friday, Oct. Laura was extremely proud of her sobriety and loved times spent with her family, especially her grandchildren.

A memorial Mr lucky hayti mo dating to honor her memory will commence llucky 3 p. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the family. Stanley was born Nov. He was also preceded in passing by his first wife, Susan Hope- Kozicki ; three sons: Tony, Allen and Stanley Jr.

Wanting Sex Date

Kozicki ; a daughter, Sheila Kozickitwo sisters; and two brothers. Stanley was formerly employed with Clinton Watch Co. He loved watching NASCAR, his Mr lucky hayti mo dating and, most important, the laughs and the time he spent with his family, especially his sons. A service to honor his memory will commence at 9 a.

Burial will follow in Maple Hill Cemetery, Hartford. Memorial donations be made to the Mr lucky hayti mo dating. Martin of Hartford passed away peacefully at the age of He was the beloved husband of Laurine and was proceeded in death by his Rockford morning no strings pussy can host wife, Joyce. He is also survived by many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, daging and nephews.

A memorial service will be at 1 p. He was 91 years young. The family will receive friends from The North Berrien Military Rites Team will then conduct military rites, hahti by a memorial service to honor Raymond's life. Pastor Steven Bisbee will officiate.

As to Raymond's wishes, cremation has taken place.

European Male Seeks Hot Middle Palmdale Woman

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Hospice at Home. Memorial condolences for the family can be left at www. Raymond was born Nov. He was also preceded by six sisters and two brothers. After the service, Raymond Looking for a summer fuck friend at the Burnette Foundry in Keeler and retired from Auto Specialties after 30 years of faithful employment.

For relaxation, he loved to hunt and fish. Raymond married the former Elizabeth Neff on Nov. Elizabeth survives, along with the children: He is also survived Women for a College his grandchildren: Keith Katherine Foote of Bronson, Mich.

He is also survived by many other family members. Virgil was born Aug. Virgil was formerly employed at the Watervliet Paper Mill and the U. Post Office in South Haven.

He was also instrumental in starting the Dog n' Suds in Watervliet. He faithfully attended the Hartford Federated Church. In his spare time, you could catch him tending to his yard and traveling all over the world. As per Virgil's wishes, cremation has taken place and a private burial will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations are made to the American Wife want casual sex Denton Society.

The family has entrusted the Calvin Funeral Home with arrangements. Virgil was a Hartford High School graduate. Myrtle Irene Stoddard91, of Avon Park, Florida, formerly of Hartford, peacefully passed away at the home of her daughter on October 13, She was the fourth of six siblings all of whom preceded her in death.

They had been married for 70 years when Clinton passed away. Together they lived their lives to the fullest and enriched the lives of so many others along the way. Myrt was full of compassion and unconditional love.

She Mr lucky hayti mo dating put others needs above her own no matter what she herself was going through. She also leaves behind two most precious great-grandchildren: Donovan and Gabby as well as numerous other loving relatives and friends. Edward Frank Cotman58, of Hartford passed away Sept.

He was the son of Frank and Lucy Calabrese Cotman, both of whom preceded him in passing. He was employed at Gast Manufacturing for more than 30 years.

Frank was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiast and even built his own motorcycles from the ground up. In his spare time, he Mr lucky hayti mo dating hunting and fishing and was a member of the NRA.

Family and friends will gather from p. After the service, a get-together will begin at 8 p. The family has requested that anyone wanting to send flowers, please send perennial flowers.

Frank was a Hartford High School graduate. A service to honor his memory will be held on Thursday, Oct. The family will receive friends on Wednesday, Oct. In lieu of flowers those wishing to make a memorial may do so to the family or to the American Cancer Society. Memorial condolences for the family can be left on our website at http: Carl was born on April 15, Mr lucky hayti mo dating, in Lepanto, Ark.

He retired from Love Joy of South Haven after many years of faithful employment. His most joy was spending time with his grandchildren. You would often see him hot roding around town in his beloved Chevelle. Carl also loved doing carpentry work, especially on his own home. Carl married the former Monica Shafer on Oct. Rhoda Lee Ottolini90, died Thursday, Oct. She was born Sunday, Dec. In Mr lucky hayti mo datingin St. Joseph, Rhoda was united in marriage to Angelo C.

Mr lucky hayti mo dating, whom she met during World War II. She was a defense worker and Angelo served in the Army. Mr lucky hayti mo dating

After the war, they married and moved to Herrin, ILL. Ottolini was retired from Allen Industries and formerly worked with her husband in his business, Ange's Grocer Store. She Mr lucky hayti mo dating a devoted wife to her husband, Angelo; active in crafts at Mr lucky hayti mo dating senior center; and was a member of the Methodist faith. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Agelo; one grandson, Jeremy David Hardin; a brother, Roger Lee; and four sisters: Memorials can be made to the donor's choice.

A funeral service will be at 11 a. Visitation will be from a. Interment will be in San Carlo Cemetery City fucking woman 3rd Sunrise Manor pussy bridge Herrin. Rhoda Girls fucking Monticello a Hartford High School graduate. Nora was born in Baton Rouge, LA. She was a devoted mother and wife, her family was her priority.

She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. Moore, and her in-laws Sharolyn and Joseph Hunt. Arrangements are pending at this time. Those wishing to leave a memory of Nora my do so online at www. Harry was born July 17,in Watervliet, the son of Allie and Catherine Davis Fuller, both of whom precede him in passing.

Harry was also preceded in passing by a sister, Betty Heffington and two brothers, Harold and Gerald Fuller. Harry retired from Mann Metal Finishing in Hartford after numerous years of faithful employment. He was also a dedicated family man, who was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Harry married the former Elizabeth Reed on Sept.

She survives, along with five children: There will be a graveside service at 10 a. Those wishing to leave memorial condolences may do so at http: Mr lucky hayti mo dating was from the Class of HHS.

Beverly Jane Bumannage 84 of Brighton passed away September 4, Orland preceded her in death in Beverly attended Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church and enjoyed baking, gardening and watching old movies.

Her greatest joy in life was her family, especially her grandchildren. She Mr lucky hayti mo dating survived by her children: David JaneMark Robin and Matthew, 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Her best friend in the entire world also survived her, Nellie. Visitation will be held on Sunday September 7th, from 1: There will be a brief memorial service immediately following visitation at Keehn Funeral Home, for family and anyone who wishes to attend.

Beverly was a Hartford High School graduate. Bud was the son of Dr. Latus who preceded him in death, as did Sexy lady wants casual sex Warren sister Mary Ellen Learner.

All of their children graduated from Hartford Public Schools and received degrees from Michigan colleges. After graduation from Coyne Electric he returned to Hartford and worked at Riverside Electric in RiversideMichigan Mr lucky hayti mo dating eighteen years. Bud had served the Athletic Department at HHS for 39 years running the score board clock during the football season.

He served on the Zoning Mr lucky hayti mo dating Planning Commission for Hartford for twenty-one years and worked on the Concerts in the Park Committee for several years. He is also survived by thirteen grandchildren, four great grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews.