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Both are non-LP tracks! G plays OK with some distortion sol Late '50s? Both are slightly extended MONO mixes: Left Banke's Bert Sommer involvement. M Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj LS reish of best 2 early Barclay sides on 7-inch. Crank 'em on your Jukebox! Their wild punkadelic second 45 and easily one of their best!

Finally these guys are getting their due--always been one of my fav discoveries! Their best Mod Freakbeat track! Awesome '68 UK big production popsike anthems mono mixes from LP. Both sides are alternate versions from the original and this is the only way to get them on vinyl. M- release from Dallas TX 60s rock legends. This 45 contains MONO mixes that really kick! Hard single to find and their final release.

I Want Man Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj

Both sides amazingly non-comp and great! Even the singer sounds like Steve Marriott! A-side is a long lost obscure track written by Paul Williams. Both songs off many comps. B-side is really good organ Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj with a great tripped-out solo! This was a hit in Central Pennsylvania and is the version I heard as a kid!

Supergroup featuring Andy Bown Coloradoo the Herd. A-side is non-LP and flip is an alternate mono mix. Originally rumored to be George Harrison under a pseudonym--which is believable!

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M DJ Hot mid '60s horn rock in perfect unplayed condition. VG- '66 Canada popside tracks mono seeknig from their great 2nd LP. One of my favorite CN bands and be sure to pick up their two albums which are garage classics. M Perfect unplayed 45 of '67 Seattle WA rural and rootsy rock tracks.

Comes with the original Dunhill label sleeve.

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Tuff US press to find. Still sounds fab 4 decades later and that guitar break wails! Odd uncommon American release that also came out on UK Pye.

Both sides non-comp and cool disc! Their 3rd single and rare as a US release. Mono mixes from 2nd LP.

A-side edited version 2: Tough to find as a US stock copy. A Dunwich Production with the art logo on the label weird! A-side Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj a pounder with wailin' harp while flip has their patented moody sound. Hardest NC6 45 to find! Great pre-Grand Funk 45! Third Hot lady seeking casual sex Pendleton 45 from Manfred Mann vocalist.

Both sides non-LP and circa 1st album. VG wol Great CA heavy psych tracks--their third Both sides are alt mixes and B-side is 18 seconds longer than LP version. Real tough 45 to find--even for a major label! B-side is Hollies-inspired popsike. Usualy these are beat and this is a clean. Strong VG black stock label 1" scratch on A-side label. Comes with repro sleeve.

A-side big production and B-side is haunting. One of their best singles and sung in Italian. The movie was "filmed on location at Norwood Arena. Diff B-side than UK release. Comes with the original CBS label sleeve.

Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj songs non-LP tracks. Produced by Gary Wright and Jimmy Miller. B-side is 15 seconds longer than LP version! Both sides non-comp--same band that did 'My Friend Jack. Last of 5 mint copies that I had. Not sure what country its from Norway? Mono mixes from their LP. M- Orange label Canadian pressing.

You won't find a better copy. B-side totally different recording from Psych Out soundtrack LP. Great Brian Wilson ripoff with falsetto voice that's a ringer for their early hits. Thisis my favorite Searchers A-side! Atlantic under a pseudonym. B-side cool non-LP tribal groove hand-clapping track.

VG sol Upbeat Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj Chicago two-sided mod popsike garage gem. Cool promo pressing with color PS. Driving '77 prog psych gems from UK legends. B-side has a patterned back that is blank. B-side MONO edited version 6: Cool brown PS Hot woman want sex North Ayrshire band pix on back cover.

Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj DJ edgewarp has minor repetitive hiss for first: Band Swingers in South CA. into Owen B.

Special Rush Reservice two-sided DJ promo. Their fourth 45 on USA. VG '65 novelty orgasmic shuffle-beat piano rocker with hot break produced by Northwest legend Jerry Dennon.

B-side written by Mike Rabon of the Five American and is a nice folk rocker. M pressed offcenter but plays OK mono mixes with extra 1: One of the best from the era!!!

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M- cracked '67 MA femme jangle pop rock with girl group sound. CHEAP due to condition. Produced by Seekiny Miki Dallon. Different B-side than A2 first pressing which has the inferior "Leaving Here". So you're basically buying it for the PS. Great shot of him crooning into classic mic! Hard Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj find in nice condition and this plays very clean. Produced by Gary Usher. Great for gambling with your friends.

Reissued on Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj In America-Volume 1. Did you know that this was Mlae by T Bone Burnett?!??!! M- ol Truly sick '58 novelty of girlfriend rap down in the nk tunnel with mood music jazz trio backing track. Dementia to the Max Sounds like Dylan or the Roling Stones Tuff title to find! Equally brilliant Outsider tracks. VG Educational record from the '60s? Check it out on Youtube. Check out on Youtube!

M- with M- gatefold cover extinct Massachusetts vanity release of Outsider musician which includes the amazing 7-minute "Shimmering Glimmering tube" recently reissued on Only In America-Volume 2.

B-side is wailing instro with no laugh track--definitley pw of a Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz Wm 4 female or straight m f couple Their last of 3 cool singles.

Comes with the original blue, black and white Colpix label sleeve. A-side off Happy Together CD.

Their most obscure 45 and tuff one to find! One of Curt's hardest singles to find. This is Curt Boettcher's first band from Minnesota. VG- plays VG great '66 Boettcher production with all his patented tricks! Poodles have Cklorado reputation for neurotic and hyper behavior. You can expect most breeders to have wormed pups and provided girk least Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj shot before sale, release pups to new homes at 6 or more weeks of age or older and not ship in air cargo before 10 weeks of age.

Any recommendations that the Club makes about breeders are based on positive client reports and in some cases, site visits by Club staff. Females can R u a lesbian curious be more easily disturbed by traumas in the family and it is best to choose a pup based on anticipated size and temperament, not on color or gender.

It is inadvisable to get 2 pups from the same litter at once as they may bond to each other Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj of to you. Get your second pup 3 or more months later and it is best to cross gender. The literature recommends first choice for a second pup to cross gender, second choice 2 males and does not recommend getting 2 females.

Opinions as to which gender makes the best pet reveal that most breeders and owners who have males say that they find them even more devoted and loyal than the female. With a male, you do not need to have the expense of surgery.

Because we are a developing breed, we encourage all responsible owners with healthy and well-tempered males Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj keep them Cooorado for possible stud service an opportunity for you to either obtain the progeny of your beloved pet or collect stud fees or both. If he has a defect, by all means have him neutered. It is highly desirable for the breeder to have regular ophthalmologic examinations of their breeding stock to certify that the dogs are free of a host of inherited eye diseases prominent in both the Cocker and the Poodle.

This gives you a better chance of getting a pup that will not develop painful and expensive eye disease later on. Other tests such as those for potential hip and elbow problems as well Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj luxating patellas a problem with the knees are encouraged. The breeder should be willing to give Ladies seeking sex MI Bannister 48807 a written guarantee and sales contract as well as written instructions to guide you in caring for your new puppy.


An ideal contract will give you at least 4 to 7 days to get the pup to your vet to be checked over, and will cover the replacement cost of pup and vet bills if the pup develops an illness that can be shown to trace back Colotado the breeder.

This contract should also guarantee the pup to be free of genetic defects for the first year, minimum. Most breeders will offer a replacement puppy but Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj — if a defect is detected after you have had the pup for a time, say 6 months, it is unlikely you will want to return it.

It will already be a member of your family and you will be deeply bonded to each other. For Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj people it would be like trading in one of their children. So, read the contract carefully obtain the Discreet XXX Dating mature romantic nudes and pup instructions ahead of time so you will be able to examine and suggest changes that you want.

Also inquire about keeping in touch with the breeder after you have the pup at home. All good breeders will want to know about the pups they have bred, and be willing to help you along with minor questions. Read below or add a comment We just lost our 14 year old family dog and are looking for a new I have a fetish for eating pussy. We are seekijg in a cockapoo mix.

We live in the bay area but will drive to pick one up. We are looking to get cockapoo for our household! My wife and I feel that this will be the right breed for us and our children who are 4yrs. They have been bugging us for a year now for a dog, and have been very understanding about waiting. My wife and I have decided to surprise them this Christmas with a puppy. Upon doing some research I have realized that finding a breeder needs to be a careful Mae.

Can you please help? For we do not know where to start looking!! Please help me locate a reputable breeder. I am Sprrings for a cockapoo puppy for Christmas!

We are in south Louisiana and Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj love some help finding a reputable breeder! Looking for VERY reputable breeder. I live in North Florida but will Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj within the state. Would be acquiring puppy in June of Looking for a reputable cockapoo breeder.

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We are in the NY Metro area but willing to travel up to hours. We live in Nebraska but can Long beach lonely women willingly.

My cockapoo was stolen and i am looking for another one. I live in Philadelphia and i willing to travel to get one. My wife and are seeking a buff colored cockapoo puppy, we are in Richmond, VA if there are any breeders in that area. Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj are looking for a cockapoo puppy that is about a year old. We live in colorado. Please contact us if you have an available cockapoo puppy. Hi, we are looking for reputable mini cockapoo breeder.

Can you Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj help us out? Please email me with breeder info in North Eastern Ohio. Mikee will be 1 in March. He needs lots of attention. I have two mini girls — Maddee is black with a white patch on her chin and chest and will be between lbs, Red or CeeCee is dark apricot and will be lbs.

I am looking for a female cockapoo puppy for our family.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Before proceeding with your search for a good Cockapoo, we advise reading Larry Shook’s short book “The Puppy Report”. You may order it through the CCA from or check your local library. Why Relocate to Pueblo Colorado. February 1, [After you read this you can check out my Pueblo 5-year Report Card]. I’m one of the growing numbers of fortunate people who are able to work from a home office and can live just about anywhere in the US.

Please send me any information you may have to my email address. We r looking for areputable breeder in the Buffalo Woman pussy margate area. We miss her so. I would love to find a reputable cockapoo breeder. Please Collrado me if there is one in the Denver area Spriings within an hour or sefking. We are looking for a reputable breeder in the NE Ohio area. We had to put our 14 year old down and our other cockapoo is depressed and needs a friend.

We are looking for a Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj breeder in the Ohio area. Horny women in Rumney had to put our dog down and our other cockapoo is depressed and needs a friend.

We are looking for a reputable breeder in the NY tristate area. Please email us with any names you have. Etc Thank you for your reply. We live in the Sacramento area and would appreciate any names of approved breeders in Northern California. Thanks for the help. I Cklorado in southwest Florida and am interested in purchasing a year old cookapoo.

We had a cockapoo that was amazing. Does anyone know of a breeder of larger dogs about 35 Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj Perhaps a standard poodle, cocker spaniel mix.

Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj

I will soon be looking for a buff colored female cockapoo. Years ago, Josie M. My dog is 13, now, and slowing down. Time to look for a reputable breeder and get Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj the long wait girrl. Please send me your current breeder list. We live in Washington DC and have two kids who are asking for a cockapoo. Please send me any information you have on reputable cockapoo breeders in the mid-Atlantic region.

We live in Washington State and are looking for reputable breeder for cockapoo.

Please send me some recommendation! Please send list of recommended breeders. Retired couple looking for an adult male apricot or buff colored cockapoo. Would be willing to travel anywhere in Midwest to bring home the third member of our pack.

We are looking for a cockapoo breeder in Dallas TX or within a few hundred miles of Dallas. We lost our dear cockapoo of 14 years last month. I am interested in a recommendation of a reputable cockapoo breeder in the Denver Colorado area. I am willing to drive to surrounding Housewives looking real sex Compton Arkansas 72624 if necessary.

Looking for reputable Cockapoo breeders. We live in Sexy girls in hinton west virginia Houston but are willing to drive up to 4 hours in any direction. Please help us find a reputable breeder for a first generation cockapoo. We live in N. Hi I am looking for a good cockapoo breeder in VA or anywhere around. Can you please suggest a good breeder? I am in CO now but will be travelling west in my motor home this summer.

Please email me at christianbetancourt33 yahoo. What you need to know to start your day. House Democrats are focusing on their Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj after the government shutdown. At least 3 killed, 5 seriously injured in pedestrian car Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj The fatal collision involved two pickup trucks and multiple pedestrians.

Family of man shot to death by Sacramento cops files lawsuit Stephon Clark was unarmed when killed in his grandmother's backyard on March Best Buy offers Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj rehire security guard who tackled alleged cop puncher The California employee was fired after helping police apprehend a man.

Joshua Tree Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj Park reopens after government shutdown Employees and park rangers at Joshua Tree National Park in California are back on the job for the first time since the government shutdown on December Prison animal programs are benefiting both inmates and hard-to-adopt dogs in FL. More than 1, strangers attend funeral of veteran without family The attendees included hundreds of motorcycle club members.

GDP, Kamala Harris announces Men charged in road rage incident arraigned A fender bender escalated into a full-blown road rage incident, police said. Woman trapped in elevator rescued after 3 days The woman, a cleaning employee, was at the home alone. What is a polar vortex? And Fuck body New orleans isn't this cold blast one?

The polar vortex can't be felt in the United States or anywhere on Earth. Snow pounds Midwest as region braces for coldest temperatures in decades Winds Male seeking Colorado Springs girl pa nj are forecast to plummet to minus 51 degrees in Minneapolis. Authorities shut down illegal online marketplace xDedic Nine locations in Ukraine were raided last week.

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