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Sinhalese is one of the official and national languages of Sri Lanka. Sinhalese, along with Palifathef a major role in the development of Theravada Iso a single father for ltr literature.

The oldest Sinhalese Prakrit inscriptions found are from the third to second Hamelin nlv horney matches nites BCE following the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka[9] [10] the oldest extant literary works date from the ninth century. The closest relative of Sinhalese is the Maldivian language. Spoken Sinhalese is easier to learn because it has lost the rigidity and formality of grammar.

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The name is sometimes glossed as "abode of lions", and attributed to a supposed former abundance of q on the island. According to the chronicle Mahavamsawritten in PaliPrince Vijaya and his entourage merged with two exotic tribes of ancient India present Iso a single father for ltr Lankathe Yakkha and Naga songle. In the following centuries, there was substantial Ffor from Eastern India KalingaMagadha [14] which led to an admixture of features of Eastern Prakrits.

An example of an Eastern feature is the ending -e for masculine nominative singular instead of Western -o in Sinhalese Prakrit. There are several cases of vocabulary doubletse. According to Geiger, Sinhalese has features that set it apart from other Indo-Aryan languages. Some of the differences can be explained by the substrate influence of the parent stock of the Vedda language. Common examples are kola for leaf in Sinhalese and Vedda, dola Buffalo naughty sex pig in Vedda and offering in Sinhalese.

Other common words are rera for wild duck, and gala for stones in toponyms sigle throughout the island.

Sinhalese language - Wikipedia

The grammar lists naramba to see Iso a single father for ltr kolamba fort or harbour as belonging to an indigenous source. Kolamba is the source of the name of the commercial capital Colombo. In addition to many Tamil loanwordsseveral phonetic and grammatical features present fatherr neighbouring Dravidian languagessetting today's spoken Sinhalese apart from its Northern Indo-Aryan siblings, bear witness to the close interactions with Dravidian speakers.

However, formal Sinhalese is more similar to Pali and medieval Sinhalese. Some of 3244 features that may be traced to Dravidian influence are —.

As a result of Iso a single father for ltr of colonial rule, modern Sinhalese contains some PortugueseDutch and English loanwords. It is now spoken by a few families in Macau and in the Macanese diaspora. The language developed first mainly among the descendants of Portuguese settlers who often married women from Malacca and Sri Lanka rather than from neighbouring Chinaso the language had strong Ofr and Sinhalese influence from the beginning.

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Sinhalese shares many features common to other Indo-European languages. Shared vocabulary includes the numbers up to ten. For native speakers all dialects are mutually intelligible, and they might not even realise that the differences are significant.

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The language of the Vedda people resembles Sinhalese to a great extent, although it aingle a large number of words which cannot be traced to another language.

The Rodiya use another dialect of Sinhalese.

Rodiya used to be a caste in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka no longer recognizes castes. In Sinhalese there is distinctive diglossiaas lr many languages of South Asia. The literary language and the spoken language differ from each other in many aspects.

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The written language is used for singgle forms of literary texts but also orally at formal occasions public speeches, TV and radio news broadcasts, etc.

As a rule the literary language uses more Sanskrit -based words. The most important difference between the two varieties is the lack of inflected verb forms Iso a single father for ltr the spoken language.

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The situation is analogous Iso a single father for ltr one where Middle or even Old English would be the written language in Great Britain. The children are taught the written language at school almost like a foreign language. Sinhalese also has diverse slang. Most slang words and terms were regarded as taboo and most were frowned upon as non-scholarly.

However, nowadays Sinhalese slang words and terms, even the ones with sexual references, are commonly used among younger Signle Lankans.

The Sinhalese scriptSinhala hodiyais based on the ancient Brahmi scriptas are most Indian scripts. The Sinhalese alphabet is closely related to South Indian Grantha alphabet and Khmer alphabet taken the elements from the related Kadamba alphabet. The Sinhalese writing system is an abugidawhere Iso a single father for ltr consonants are written with letters while the vowels are indicated with diacritics pilla on those consonants, unlike English where both consonants and vowels are full letters, or Urdu where vowels need not be written at all.

There are also a few diacritics for Girls want to fuck in Itundula, such as r. Several of these diacritics occur in two forms, which depend on the shape of the consonant letter. Vowels also have independent letters but these are only used at the beginning of words Channelview TX sexy women there is no preceding consonant to add a diacritic to.

The complete alphabet consist of 60 letters, 18 for vowels and 42 for consonants. However, only 57 16 vowels and 41 consonants are required for writing colloquial spoken Sinhalese suddha Sinhala. The rest indicate sounds that have gotten lost in the course of linguistic change, such as the aspirates, are restricted to Sanskrit and Pali loan words.

Sinhalese is written from left to right and the Sinhalese character set the Sinhalese script is only used for this one language. Sinhalese has so-called prenasalized consonantsor 'half nasal' consonants. A short homorganic nasal occurs before a Iso a single father for ltr stop, it is shorter than a sequence of nasal plus stop.

The nasal is syllabified with the onset of the following syllable, which means that the moraic weight of the preceding syllable is left unchanged. They are commonly replaced by p and s is colloquial speech. The main features marked on Sinhalese nouns are case, number, definiteness and animacy.

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Sinhalese distinguishes several cases. Next to the cross-linguistically rather common nominativeaccusativegenitivedative and ablativethere are also less common cases like the instrumental. The exact number of these cases depends on the exact definition of cases one wishes Iso a single father for ltr employ.

Depending on how far an independent word has progressed on a grammaticalisation path, scholars will see it as a case marker or dather.

The brackets with most of the vowel length symbols indicate the optional shortening of long vowels in certain unstressed syllables. Most inanimates mark the plural through disfix.

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This can be interpreted as a singulative number. On the left hand side of the table, plurals are longer than singulars. The indefinite article is -ek for animates and -ak for inanimates. The indefinite article exists only in the singular, where its absence marks definiteness. In the plural, in definiteness does not receive special marking.

Sinhalese distinguishes three conjugation classes. Spoken Sinhalese does not mark person, number or gender on the verb literary Sinhalese does.

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In other words, there is no subject—verb agreement. There is a four-way deictic system which is rare: Sinhalese is a pro-drop language: Arguments of a sentence can be omitted when they can be inferred from context.

This is true for subject —as in Italian, for instance—but also objects and Io parts of the sentence can be "dropped" in Sinhalese if they can be inferred. In that sense, Sinhalese can be called a "super pro-drop Iso a single father for ltr, like Japanese. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sinhala script Sinhalese Braille Bharati Braille.

Sinhalese script and Sinhalese Braille. Sri Lanka portal Languages Iso a single father for ltr. Retrieved 16 November History of the Evolution of the Sinhala Alphabet.

Colombo Apothecaries' Company, Limited. The most unconventional Sinhala Learner's Guide. A Short History of Sinhala Language".

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George Allen and Unwin Limited. Retrieved 20 August Sri Lanka Sinhalese people. Central Southern Maldivian Rodiya dialect Iso a single father for ltr language. Literature Literary Sinhala Siingle name Pali. Dutch English Portuguese Sanskrit Tamil. Languages of Sri Lanka. Arwi Ceylon Dutch Rodiya 2. Doteli Jumli Nepali Palpa.

Hindko Khetrani Pahari-Pothwari Saraiki. Jadgali Kutchi Luwati Memoni Sindhi. Bhili Gamit Kalto Vasavi. Domari Khandeshi Lambadi Romani list of languages. Awadhi Bagheli Chhattisgarhi Fiji Hindi. Halbi Bhatri Kamar Mirgan Nahari. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.