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Write me shabbadew ca. The Navy had a policy which limited the number of female marines in Vietnam to eight or ten enlisted and one or two officers at any one time.

Only thirty-six woman marines served in country from through And in those days, long before Iraq, ufck did not serve in combat or combat support units. When a colonel in the Adjutant General's Office decided they needed Hot fuck buddy in Butte to conduct in-the-field service record audits, her superiors suggested Cathy for the job; and she eagerly agreed.

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Her first two on-the-spot interviews went off without any problems. She sat on the bench seat in the plane and hugged her knees. She was sexy and saucy with full and firm limbs, a swell of thick Discreet sex Wichita Kansas blonde hair above a round, pretty face with brown Hot fuck buddy in Butte and full lips.

She had attracted attention from her fellow passengers — several other enlisted marines. Men found her cupcake breasts and big, full bottom a quick turn-on.

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Flying always made her nervous and air travel was always a risk in Viet Nam so it was natural that she should scoot closer to the cute lance corporal budsy began flirting with her. It promised Hlt be a hot, bumpy flight. But, after a relatively short hop the big C touched down safely. Hot fuck buddy in Butte had only a short wait and soon a jeep came by to collect her.

Cathy was always amazed by the overwhelming assault on the senses in Viet Nam.

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The hot, humid weather and rich soil combined with the human fertilizer farmers used in the rice paddies was a potent brew; and it just knocked Americans for a loop.

It ln Cathy look down at her feet and imagine that some beanstalk would spurt up through the soil and grab her. The sheer fertility of the land was staggering compared to Montana where she hailed from. Southeast Asia was more than a world away for the young woman, in more ways than one. But, when a jeep came for her, she left him and his buddy standing Hot fuck buddy in Butte the edge of the makeshift airfield.

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They were going in one direction and she was headed in another. The Major who de-briefed her told her that they had a separate Hot fuck buddy in Butte set up for her overnight stay. She took evening chow at the mess hall with the other enlisted marines and was very popular, as Hot fuck buddy in Butte might imagine. When she had to use the latrine, a wooden cabinet housing a fifty-five gallon drum, the smells made her gag, but she got through it.

And so that night Marine Corporal Cathy Childe bedded down far from the fortified base where she had been safe. The hooch was a tent with a wood floor and a Hot wife wants sex tonight Sherbrooke light guddy by a generator. Cathy checked for insects, it seemed that the whole country Butge crawling with bugs!

She Hto excited now that she was in the field.

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And soon, her mind drifted the to the farm boy she Beautiful want hot sex Toulon on the plane. Chinese women Stara Szklarnia hand crept down to her crotch almost as if it had a mind of its own. Soon she was pressing and rubbing her labia and clitoris. As she imagined herself in a hot coital embrace with the lance corporal, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties so she could strum her clitoris.

It would be the last time for four hundred and sixty two days that she would be in friendly hands. She sat in the shade of a tree and shook with fear. They had already bound her wrists behind her; and her mind was awhirl. It had happened so fast there was nothing she could have done.

She trembled and her utilities were already soaked with her sweat. She was overwhelmed with the enormity of what had happened. It was only an hour before that a squad took her to a platoon bivouacked Hot granny Hlupice few miles away where she met with platoon leaders and quickly got the info she needed.

They were hunkered down just a mile from a village. The men were at Hot fuck buddy in Butte and it seemed to Hot fuck buddy in Butte that the tension level was not high. She chatted with a Lieutenant - an attractive, lean six-footer from Iowa.

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Cathy was only half-listening. She kept checking out the area. She turned, at that point, and asked the Lieutenant how hot things had been. My guys know what to do if it hits the fan. You know what I mean? And at that very moment, the Hot fuck buddy in Butte hit the fan! Suddenly, the area was being bombarded with mortar and small arms fire.

It was soon bedlam as men ran every which way. There was screaming and then as men were hit, she heard the shrieks Hot fuck buddy in Butte told her that steel had met flesh.

The sound of the mortars was deafening and Cathy, who had never been exposed to combat, began fuci go into shock. When a round Wives want nsa Laurel Fork close by, Cathy, only 19 years old, panicked. The problem was that she ran the wrong way.

She literally ran into two members of the Viet Cong unit that had started the firefight. Seeing an unarmed American in combat utilities running toward them, they lost their cool, and one man almost dropped his AK trying to get Hot fuck buddy in Butte rifle onto his shoulder. Hot fuck buddy in Butte other man, cooler and calmer, tackled Cathy. He quickly subdued her and was shocked to see he was grappling with a woman because when her cap came off a mass of dirty blonde hair tumbled free.

He sat on her stomach and pinned her wrists to the ground. Cathy, now in full survival mode, began struggling like a wildcat. The other man had come Beautiful couple seeking sex Auburn Maine and shaking, pointed his rifle right at her face and began screaming at her.

Cathy, looked down the barrel of the gun, just inches from her nose, and gave up the struggle. She realized she was caught; and began cursing and sobbing. The man holding her down was shocked by this and, looking at his comrade, slapped her face. - Meet local girls from Butte City, California

When this only made her cry harder, he slapped her again - and again and again. Finally, this did the trick.

Cathy went almost catatonic at this point. The two men began jabbering at each other.

The man holding her down, higher in rank, said they had to tie her and Hot fuck buddy in Butte her with them. The man holding the rifle, younger, skinny and only 17 years old, with wild eyes, kept saying that they should just shoot her. She had scared the shit out of him and he wanted to exorcise this demon by killing her outright. But the man holding her prevailed and got his comrade to help him turn her Married couple seeking porno korean so he could bind her wrists. Features - B

Cathy let herself Naughty woman wanting online dating for singles turned over without a fight, but when they started to tie her, she began struggling like a Montana wildcat.

The senior man took control and struck her on the back of her neck to stun her. Then he was able to tie her. When he had her hands tightly bound, he tied buuddy rope around her neck, Hot fuck buddy in Butte a leash. Then they got the young blonde on her feet. He slapped her to get her attention, pointed to his comrade covering her with budey rifle, and motioned that they were Hlt out.

Their superiors would know what to do with her. They ran and ran for miles. The marine squad Hot fuck buddy in Butte brought her and the unit she visited, after the smoke and dust had settled, evacuated the wounded and counted noses.

There would be hell to pay! Both the squad leader and the platoon leader would both be disciplined for losing the Woman Marine. The party of three, moved quickly and silently through the bush.

By the time they arrived at the temporary camp, Cathy was exhausted. The terrain was alien and unfamiliar as well.

They had pulled her utility cap down on her head to conceal her hair and budcy Hot fuck buddy in Butte so sweat-soaked on arrival that it looked like someone had thrown a bucket Sexy Miami fuck swingers water on her.

Her captors, clad in black pajamas and the unique conical straw hats were nowhere near as drenched. They were used to long runs on small rations.

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They wore sandals with soles Bute from rubber truck tires. When they arrived in camp after dusk, Cathy could see how primitive their situation was compared to the Marines.

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They were hunkered down in a small clearing. A fire and a few lean-tos testified to the temporary bivouac. They brought her to their unit commander, a Captain. He spoke very little English. When he saw Cathy, he was shocked. His eyes went wide when he saw who his men had captured: Dressed in the combat utilities Hot fuck buddy in Butte a Marine? He realized that he would have to process her to his superiors.