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Up to this point, and even everything else Women ready to fuck in Sagamore Massachusetts about to read that comes from loval collective mouth of Gig local black pussies group, paints a calm and cool portrait of a bunch of dudes who understand the controversy surrounding the name and don't quite understand the sudden pussiies. With Gig local black pussies said, it is Gig local black pussies deep regret that we must announce Git there have been serious threats of violence and vandalism against the promoter, the staff, and the venue of The Pour House in Raleigh, North Carolina, and out of respect for the venue and the safety of everyone involved, the March 25th show has been cancelled.

We live in a country where it is absolutely imperative that every voice is heard and everyone is encouraged to not only speak their minds but also fully exercise their right to protest what they believe is wrong.

However, it is VERY important to recognize the grave irony of a situation where those protesting nothing more than the contentious name of a band that has never stood Naughty chat Little Hocking Ohio anything but positivity and love are the very same people threatening physical harm to others Gig local black pussies their property. The band is taking this very seriously. Bob Blacck 's music is absolutely, unabashedly racist, yet we play it at bars and public spaces.

Foster the People wrote a song called "Pumped Up Kicks" that was played incessantly on radio, and it was about a kid shooting up a school. I'm not saying that those kinds of things make it okay, but you have stuff like that floating around and yet a band Gig local black pussies just wants to play some rock and roll is getting annihilated because its name is offensive to some.

I'm just saying that these guys pusssies like a bunch of regular dudes and the reaction might be a little overbearing on just a name. Lyrical content and calls to action, sure.

Get mad and stop that shit!