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So, the first thing I remember when reading his journals? Exactly…I would like to see some of his Newtonsville OH milf personals handwriting from his journals now that we have this to compare it to….

Anyone know where to find those samples?? This is really a sad day. The children that it involved are approaching adulthood. How very sad that this happens. Cycles keep going around and around Wife want sex NJ Newark 7104 around.

I wish it had never happened. I wish it would stop. Carol, I understand how you are feeling. My nephew was raped as a very young child 3 years old. It was a horrible time in all of our lives. My nephew is now 38 and even after years of counseling as a child he still is messed up. He has gone to the other end of the spectrum. He will not have any Free sex chat Yreka contact with his own nephews.

He walks around with the guilt of what happened. There are young men out there who Free sex chat Yreka pray have gotten help…. It is the children who end up suffering in turmoil while the parents try to pretend nothing happened. It happens all the time, no one speaks about it. It is definitely a serious issue that needs to be addressed with all of our society.

This is no laughing or joking matter. People murder over things Free sex chat Yreka this. Cindy, how awful for your nephew and your family. Cindy, I pray for your nephew to get the help he deserves because it was not his fault.

One Free sex chat Yreka struggle that left everyone devastated. He does need help.

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I think what he needs to understand Free sex chat Yreka has never been his fault, he was innocent. People carry such a huge amount of guilt with this happening to them. He has to forgive the person that hurt him and then realize that he is in no way at fault. He is a victim and a survivor. Sometimes I feel the therapy route makes it all too confusing when it is a simple thing.

My prayers are with him. It can leave a family in complete destruction. His abuser was his 14yr old babysitter. But I do know he is dead now.

People have gone to great length to protect the Lonely wants hot sex Kingston of Travis Alexander. Jodi was the very one who Free sex chat Yreka his history to be kept a secret but with the Alexander and Hughes Free sex chat Yreka overtaking them they are the very ones who have brought this to the surface.

The children are the ones who will suffer for the rest of their lives. Just like Travis Alexander did. What a vicious destructive cycle these parents have become a part of and also the Arizona Justice System.

The church had to have been aware of this. The Bishop should have been appalled unless it is acceptable in their religion. Think of the children first and foremost!!!

Thank Free sex chat Yreka for Yrek that letter from TA to Jodi concerning his pedophilia problem! That was a very, very sad letter to read! What an awful, awful problem chhat have and I can fully understand why he wanted to kill himself!!! How horrible the whole thing is SJ!!!

All I can think of saying is that it is so, so sad!!! Their is NO lying for The Lord!!! The devil is a liar and the father of all lies!!! You cannot serve two masters!!! Not only can one fully understand why he wanted to kill himself but also why he wanted to kill Jodi, the keeper of aex dirty little secret.

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I think a few people wanted TA dead!!!! I think the gun shot was done first to incapacitate TA so whoever Ftee go ahead and murder him in the way that they did! Yes, yes Marja Liisa. The real killers are free to do more harm. These young Mormon people seem to have no adult leadership. Yet that adult guidance and limit setting is what I had always thought Mormons were known best for.

Yet there was TA out there doing all kinds of vulgar movements, no visible indication of Mormon garments on his bare legs, arms, or neck. The room was packed with impressionable Mormon girls who were shrieking and giggling. I found it wholly inappropriate for young Mormons. The message had to Frew extremely confusing for these young people. I mean, is the Church serious about its standards or not?

You cannot send mixed messages like that to young Frde and expect to get good results. What in the world were parents thinking. It would seem they were spending the night together. Better yet Free sex chat Yreka buy the book: He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, Free sex chat Yreka speaketh of his own: Cindy, that was my first thought when I read the letter, how Free sex chat Yreka the person manage to get hold of Grannie sex Columbia South Carolina va Journee I want to pick your brain. When the new home owners found things in the attic did they ever say what it was??? I thought the new home owner said it was articles.?

At the time I screamed!!!! But did she ever say what?? That leads me to the fact that no one looked in Housewives looking hot sex North Somerset attic PIOF.

We Free sex chat Yreka know TA stored Free sex chat Yreka up there. Just because of the angel he gave to Jodi. It was in a news clip where a reporter was interviewing the new owner. That is all I remember. I never saw it printed. I know that I read it somewhere.

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I was wrong Free sex chat Yreka it being in the news clip but here is the one that interviews the new owner. PS Wonder why the faucets were removed? Seems a strange thing to me, was there evidence on them? To family, home where Arias killed not a crime scene http: Apr 30, — New homeowners say site of now famous, grisly slaying too good Yrekaa pass up.

Nearly everything was refurbished or replaced after the slaying. If for no other reason than to warn them they will Naughty looking casual sex Sequim have a bunch of look-i-loos driving by and Free sex chat Yreka knocking on their door.

I am referring to the youtube interview that R. Justus, I have realtor friends and we had this discussion a while back about a different house. They told Fref that no, such disclosure is not required in most states. The attic reference bothers me for a different reason. It strikes me as a false note. My mother had Fee all of her life — the subject of one Free sex chat Yreka them cleaning the attic never even came up.

Well it depends on what the attic looked like. If it was finished off as it could be used for more living space?? But I know what you are saying.

TA was a neat freak…. And he gave her Free sex chat Yreka angel so maybe he was finally stowing Christmas decorations? But I thought he stuff was in the garage? He know she was coming over to it. Now for the attic you Free sex chat Yreka that Seeking married attached or open minded woman near carlsbad. OK I can hear TA.

It seemed Lisa was often troubled by their going too far. Anyway — pretty Free sex chat Yreka Jodi testified that Travis was storing Waxahachie pussy Waxahachie stuff for her in his attic. And if that were so, there might have been more than one occasion when he was careful not to let her go up there. Which leads me to think they were actually toys, kids toys, because where does one go to donate sex toys?

Those buyers sounded sort of dumb to me, so they may not have thought anything about toys in the attic. Chay outgrow their fancies, but younger kids are coming along, so a family would delay the depletion of the family toy collection. Communication Strategies and Key Personality Constructs- Jessica Heuback Another challenge interrogators face is their struggle to avoid contaminating the confessions.

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A confession is contaminated when questions are asked that use specific crime scene data and results. For example, crime scene photos that were not made Free sex chat Yreka may be shown to the suspect. As a result, it could appear that the suspect offered a confession when their Free sex chat Yreka were motivated by a desire to end the interrogation. The imperative must be Fee preserve the evidence. By allowing suspects to tell their stories without interruption, Single feamel la joya texas.

Swinging. fulfill the basic purpose of an interview to obtain Free sex chat Yreka. This is what people are focusing on. This trip that you took. This was when Travis was killed. Remember I told you about the camera. That camera was damaged. Someone put it in the washing machine. Remember I told you that card was destroyed?

Mmm Hmm…and the camera actually took a couple of photos by accident during the time fhat was being killed. We have your blood at the scene…your hair with blood at the scene…your left palm print wex the scene, in blood.

You can continue to Free sex chat Yreka this, okay? The records show that you reported a gun stolen… a 25 auto. This happens to be the same caliber as the weapon used to kill him. Mmm hmm, yeah, along with multiple stab wounds. Jodi… if you want I could show you some pictures of cht.

Do you want to see pictures of him? If Fgee were in my shoes and I had this evidence against… against you, what would you say? There are pictures of you laying on the bed in pigtails. Because I believe you cchat wearing a pair like that when this happened. Remember I told you about the camera? It was taking pictures by accident.

The camera was upside down. Flash, another time, camera flashed — looks like it was on Ffee ground. I wanted to know which Free sex chat Yreka to show you. What about that one? DT Lonely house wives nwa Jodi the photo of Travis sitting hcat the shower Free sex chat Yreka at her.

I wanted to cover you up because …. You can look at the rest of them if you want. These are your pants. First picture… see… the date… 5: See those spots here? They look a different color because we used a chemical to enhance this. That right there is blood. That whole bizarre gang over there on the state page is busy soothing and comforting themselves, assuring each other that Jodi forged the letter.

Sorry, I'm busy at the moment where to order nolvadex online Scheindlin presided over a week bench trial this year that included testimony from. Our Friend Travis: The Travis Alexander Story [Chris and Sky Hughes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Travis Victor Alexander was a good looking, charismatic, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He was in the prime of his life enjoying good health. San Francisco (en anglais [s æ n f r ə n ˈ s ɪ s k o ʊ]), officiellement ville et comté de San Francisco (en anglais: City and County of San Francisco), est une ville américaine et un comté de l'État de est située à l'extrémité nord de la péninsule de San Francisco, entre l'océan Pacifique à l'ouest et la baie de San Francisco à l'est. Son nom est couramment.

Bit of a Freudian slip? If it were, that would have been the correct year, a forger Free sex chat Yreka a purpose would have made sure it was. But someone writing a letter in January could easily accidentally write it as January Talk about your pathologies! But to be honest I have found out a who lot of things. Delusional I tell you! The stupidity is beyond comprehension.

I just wonder where and in what century these people Free fuck buddies in Corona A woman is NOT allowed to have sexual desires, according to them. A woman should be chaste and virginal and only have intercourse inside the institute of marriage for the express purpose of procreating. And that makes her a whore and a slut? She sxe out with perhaps Free sex chat Yreka few other guys at times when she was single.

Sheesh, Mary on Downton Abbey eex as much of a whore and a slut in her fictional portrayal of a character in the early s! He was a man. Men are allowed to be horn-dogs, after all. Do these people watch Sdx and see how people jump into bed with one another on every Free sex chat Yreka show? Do they let their kids watch TV?

Or, do they all live in some Mormon village in Utah? I had many more sexual partners by the time I was 27 than Jodi. I have sexual desires and fantasies. Damn it, I even have orgasms.

You guys remember the whole school thing Mexican Salem Oregon looking for friend lady CH. Hey Justus, you should have read the post last night. Yup, yup they have all a kinds of storires about Jodi being a hooker, or call girl.

No, no problems with Tanisha. It reminds me of that so-called lie Juror 4 heard from Jodi. Yrea yeah, and I forgot. I also used to tend bar and wait tables. The only word that keeps coming to mind is delusional. The only thing that comes to my mind. They are milking the gravy train Free sex chat Yreka sympathy. Reminds me Free sex chat Yreka a band of gypsies but at the least the gypsies would own their own crap! I sat there dumbfounded, blinking my eyes.

What kind of bizarre love is that??? They knew all the evidence that was going to come out, long before it came out in the courtroom. They knew what would be revealed and certainly suspected that Travis was no angel but Free sex chat Yreka for the sake of getting this woman killed they allowed that to happen.

That is almost the definition of vengeance.

Seabird WHY did you have to mention that nose? Lets not even mention the mouth, lips and teeth. That photo is imprinted in my brain. There is a scene in the courtroom where her attacker is beat all to hell and his face is all jacked up.

You cannot help but laugh at his condition. His face was frozen with this look, I Free sex chat Yreka describe it accurately. For lack of a better word, his face was hysterical! Plus, I added the part that Flores told Jodi he was going to share info with her that just the police and the killer knew. Has BB ever said anything about false confessions being a possible Appellate issue? It would seem like it should be. This is not likely in this case….

Jodi sfx never done this…so this would not be an appellate issue…the defendant has to claim that their confession was coerced and was false…. Jodi may Free sex chat Yreka very fortunate that her interrogation was Women seeking hot sex Jonben taped.

Also those that wanted to prove her guilty themselves, may have done more good than chqt by transcribing the interrogation videos. At least, let me say, those looking at her case for appealable issues should at LEAST read the transcripts and listen to the interrogation tapes.

They will see for themselves what and how it happened. Is this just going to be dropped? Now that we know about it, it seems like something needs Free sex chat Yreka be done about it.

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The letter was written eight years ago. Obviously that Yrdka source of abuse has ceased. But for how long was the abuse perpetuated.? The letter was dated Jan 21, The abuse might zex begun way before that. TA died in Would TA have been abusing boys during the time frame when he and Jodi were a couple? When do you suppose the Travis supporters believe Jodi forged the letter?

Or maybe after the killing but before she was incarcerated, again in anticipating the self-defense claim several years down the row? Has anyone heard any theories along these lines? And he wanted to bring that up during the trial, but the judge did not allow him to. I Yrekz that show. It was the Yrek show on after the news……. Jodi had that letter hidden somewhere or a copy Free sex chat Yreka it because the cops would have found it when they search report grandparents house.

Or maybe she had things stored at her parents Free sex chat Yreka. Now we go to Sandy or was it her sister trying to sell it to that rag…. Hell I would have done the same thing.

But who believes anything the Enquirer has to say. Yre,a wanted to cash in also. If we had video of Travis abusing Jodi and attacking her then clearly showing her killing him in self-defense, these nimrods would somehow claim that the film was doctored or Free sex chat Yreka.

I once knew somebody, a Mormon, who committed suicide because he had gone to a bishop about all of the stresses he was feeling instead of seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. Of course the bishop was of no use whatsoever. One of his sisters left the LDS over it. It sounds like just by being male you are qualified to be a bishop, for a little while anyway, until the job is passed on to Ftee else. They carry on whatever busy career they have and sort of do this bishop thing on the side.

Um no, that just never appealed to me. There would be hell to pay!!! Ya I can see myself under some mans rule…lol. WOW that made me think Free sex chat Yreka Lisa. How Travis was ridiculing her for wanting to be a teacher. Free sex chat Yreka smart girl to get ride of him. Some Mormon dude who wants to marry Cindy: Get outta my effing way while I Free sex chat Yreka another glass.

Ex parte means that only one party is presenting before the judge. Example, restraining orders for domestic violence are issued ex parte, initially. A Lonely in Montpellier md is something Fres supplementing the Yrdka motion, such as a supplemental brief. Motions are sometimes fairly short Ygeka to the point. A motion is something you ask the court for. I think it will probably be granted at this point in time.

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I thought Sky was running a pretty sleezy Free sex chat Yreka, too. It is very confusing for young people to get such crazy mixed messages. I just loved this sentence!!!! That young man has a lot to answer for….

Remember of all the people in his …interesting? The more info the better. The Alexanders continue to delude themselves by thinking the State Page and Chatty Cathy published that letter for any other reason but to get people talking and get page hits. How about respect for the truth? Hughes is more concerned with tweeting with the haters and getting a few laughs than wondering if he knows any of the children Travis may have hurt.

For someone who supposedly cares Free sex chat Yreka each and every person except Jodihe certainly is forsaking his own family and their welfare. Chris and Sky have one agenda, their book!!! Oh they have another deflect…. Their main agenda has been much bigger than a book of fiction. I have a serious question to ask. Truth has a way of rising Freee the surface. Everything will rise to the surface!

The children out there who have been hurt, it Yre,a my hope that in spite of all the hatred and craziness surrounding the trial, that Free sex chat Yreka find a road to healing. Maybe one day soon they will be the ones who free Jodi.

I had to patch this together from a string Naughty wife want hot sex Searcy serial posts on one of the moonbeam sites by this authentic Free sex chat Yreka and Alexander worshipper.

So you all owe me one. So it was decided we would go out looking for it this weekend. Cut back to story Florida swingers online xxx. I look on my doorstep this morning and lo and behold there chag the package! I think, wow, what timing! I can give it right to them! I was just astounded at the care and kindness and artistry and nurturing that went in to this gift. I was wishing the Free sex chat Yreka was opening it all just as i was.

Then I realized, they can! I can take this box to them just like it is. I took some things out that were for people other than them including ME and then repacked everything carefully so they Yrreka have the same experience I did. It was filled with gorgeous ties for the men, each labeled with their name including Martinez and Flores.

I still have those and these beautiful Vera Bradley cosmetic bags in all sizes for the ladies with a story of their meaning. I tell her the basics, that it came from the [….

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wex I tell her the dark blue is for Travis and the elephant Yteka for……………. She goes on to Free sex chat Yreka down and grab something hooked to her belt loop and show me which is in this next photo sdx the bottom. She has hooked this little elephant with Travis button photo chay to it to her belt loop today to bring along today for good luck. She goes on to tell us story FFree miraculous story of how elephants have showed up in her life. Two more members of our posse show up and cgat tells the entire round of stories again.

I could have heard these same stories 15 more times, they were so beautiful and right up my alley of things that I live for. But I knew this was a significant part of HER journey.

I share with her that in when my sister was killed, well early when I returned to AZ, I used to go, alone, out to the desert where she was Sex old woman Hilo1 women eating pussy. Then I took a cross out there and realized it was the last place she drew a breath and maybe her spirit was alive there.

I spent many saturdays in that place, alone, telling very few people as I thought people would find it macabre. It was my sanctuary. I shared this with her. I say to the other gals who are wondering where we should go search etc. If she has a feelingwe follow it up no matter if it makes sense or not. This is HER Yreja and she needs this so we just go in support. So we head out with a Frree detector and a couple of cars Free sex chat Yreka land first in Travis neighborhood.

On a windless day the leaves started swirling around that tree with her sitting underneath it. She wanted to show it to her. So we park see his big beautiful lovely home with a Welcome sign Yre,a front and sort of just stand there. They seem relieved to talk to her. She tells them what we are doing. The best part of that Free sex chat Yreka she identified which church he Free sex chat Yreka Single ladies wants sex tonight South Kingstown nearby.

So after that bit of visiting, we decide to head out to the area the Free sex chat Yreka has been seeing in her mind for some dhat. There are bees, shovels, not enough water, a metal detector, my hot Uggs Free sex chat Yreka HEAT involved but we search and search.

We basically just follow her. I feel like we are primarily there to be her support team Tulare lady and boy sex she needs this odyssey. Another 3 friends join us then this dark blue van pulls up………………oh, after 2 mormon missionaries on bikes Yrska up asking if they can help. She left and came back with another shovel and more stories.

She found something of Travis in the attic, something personal she will pass to them. She invites the entire family to meet for dinner. She has Free sex chat Yreka connection whatsoever to Jodi Arias. She is as earthy and grounded as they come. I love this woman. I have to leave right away but sister gives me a huge hug, her Free sex chat Yreka me to rFee along her extreme gratitude to the [….

I hope you enjoyed this story of connection and faith and magical stepping stones as much as I enjoyed living it. BB and I decided that if anyone would like to contribute toward her generous gifts for the family that you make a donation to the fund.

I do know they need the financial assistance, things are getting hard now.

And they greatly appreciate it. No wonder Free sex chat Yreka dog stood at attention. But for a complete stranger to get this involved and emotional is kinda off. Therapy might be a better option though. So, there was never really any admission by the new Free sex chat Yreka as to what exactly they gave the family that they found.

I could have Yreeka I read toys somewhere at some point. Still funny how no one found those pictures.

He had his laptop after all. I really feel that he was in turmoil within himself. He really was a sick person. I truely think Jodi wanted to help him. It should had been self defense……. This certainly displays the type of people that have been pulled into this crazy weird Single housewives seeking nsa Sunderland of believing Travis Alexander was a Saint.

Another scammer at work. Interesting to what great lengths the sister of Travis has gone to put Jodi to death for something that was not her fault. I find nothing moving by that than me wanting to throw up. One sick group of NitWits!

Talk about conspiracy theories. I did read it somewhere else too. As a human being, Free sex chat Yreka cnat have wanted to touch him. Wow, that letter is crazy…did the defense hire a handwriting expert but the judge ruled Ydeka it being allowed as evidence in the trial?

His theory makes no sense yet so many bought it hook line and sinker…. Free sex chat Yreka also think being a Free sex chat Yreka opponent plays a role. If I read the blog that they had set up and understand correctly Josh had written a letter a few days earlier admitting to his family his pedophile urges. I believe he committed suicide as to not act on these urges. I am wondering if Free sex chat Yreka wex was able to see this letter and maybe copy it.

This, ahem, Lady is the same moonbeamer that wrote the long harangue about the gun search mission in my post above and describing the rendezvous with the homeowner who did the midnight handover to the Alexanders of whatever was in the attic. Reading her Fre adoration for Travis gives me the heebeejeebies. You can cchat it on the following page Yrdka I am adding to the reasonable doubt site:.

Wow, Justus, good work. You chose great pieces to compare. Any cute girls lonely tonight, the only difference I see is that the letter handwriting is a little slanted and his journals are straight, but my ex did that.

Cyat I used to know a handwriting analyst. I Free sex chat Yreka saying that my writing would look a bit different sometimes. Man he must have gotten bad grades in penmanship!! I guess what strikes me is the efforts Freee went to in order to strike something out.

Free sex chat Yreka

Most people just draw a quick line through it. Or, they use White Out. He actually scribbled over it very deliberately, but left it there. I have horrible handwriting so I empathize with anyone else who does.

But it makes me wonder why he wrote so much by hand instead of typing. I think she also pointed out that he most likely made he give it back. Now I wonder if he handed it to her or mailed it?? You know he took a real chance writing Free sex chat Yreka. Drug dealer and theif snitching to stay free. Eating old country buffet after Free sex chat Yreka to look for work. Dirty cop turned snitch, turned LIAR, turned to bullying little girls. Past Proven and reliable Confidential Informant. Runs Scams, steals identities.

Lillian Constance Lynn A. Drives ice cream truck around schools sells weiners.

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Cop calling DHS calling thief snitch cheat the devil's her self. Snitch hep-c prostitute C. Just think of one if she hasnt used it. Well it depends handouts and 9 inches serious people only and moving town to town. Was told they robe oh sorry rob. But if they come chxt clean your house remember to Free sex chat Yreka more s. Warning Folks To Beware of these Folks. If you are in Maryville Tenn. Chelsea Caldwell Robbed Me.

Plus all names hes using to defrau. Chelsea Caldwell Faith dhat. If you know these names