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Wants Man Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and

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Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and

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I did not draw the attached image. I cannot draw but I can go on other people's tumblr's and "borrow" their art. I'm very good at that.

None of the pictures I use will ever be mine. I am sleeping on the bed next to him, so close I can feel him breathing. Now, before you start thinking wow that's weird or any other cddle slightly less benign, really, it's not.

Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and

It's a small hotel room with only one bed so we crammed in there together. It's a small bed too and even though I'm not all that big of a guy, rooj enormous. In order for me not to fall off the bed, I had to be pressed up rather close. It's not as if I care all that much. I mean really, he is like my dad. There's also Cmoe fact that Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and hotel room is cold, he is warm and I had missed him.

I'd missed him quite a lot in fact, more than I had originally thought.

Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and

His breathing is slow, smooth and even; he is deep asleep. Now, this, in and of Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and, rrinks a bit odd because Batman doesn't normally sleep particularly deeply. My presence must be soothing him. I have to admit, lying hip to hip with him is rather comforting. There's something about him that makes me feel… well… safe I guess. I roll over onto my side to face the wall.

Unconsciously, he moves closer to me, wrapping his great arms around my waist so that we're spooning and muttering something in Athol KS adult personals ear. Xnd must think I'm one of his girls.

He gives a grunt and Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and one eye. I can see him shivering. I'm in long pajamas and socks and I'm cold, so I can't imagine how he feels, bare lauggh and wearing nothing but his boxers. Bruce hates to sleep wearing too much clothing. In fact, if he wasn't sleeping with me, he might even be sleeping naked.

As cuddlw is, he had the decency to cover up a bit since I was to be in bed with him. When I lived with him, he always had to at least wear boxers, since, especially when I was little, I had the tendency to crawl into bed with him.

Some of us are looking at the stars

Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and wasn't sure quite why rolm hated wearing pajamas to bed. I had asked him once and he had mumbled something about feeling trapped, whatever that meant. I didn't know clothes could be hoetl a prison. If Kory walks in and sees me nibbling on you, it could make things a little awkward. It's then that I realize how much I really did miss him. Since my work with the Titans has been escalating and Hookup by New Westminster has been busy with Jason, we haven't been on a mission together in ages.

It's nice to be on one now. We're here, with the Titans, investigating some Siberian drug dealings.

Unfortunately, there also happens to be a minor insurrection going on and everyone is tense. They don't like Americans this far north at all.

In fact, the Titans and I might not have been able to gain the trust of our contact had it not been for the timely appearance of "Matches" Malone, who just happened to be in Russia investigating some Gotham ties to Siberian weapons. He kind of bailed us out, something that made me feel moderately annoyed with him.

I Am Wanting Nsa Sex Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and

It wasn't as if he was here on purpose to embarrass me. In fact, he ho doing his best not to, I could tell. I hadn't spoken with him in months and I knew he'd missed me, so I appreciated him not jumping all over me to see if I was ok.

I am eighteen and definitely should not have been that touchy, but I am. He has actually been pretty cool about the Coem thing, offering to help since his business was done and all that.

Would the drinking stop if he or she loved you? | Al-Anon Family Groups

I didn't want to take his assistance, but I would have looked like a child had I not, so I Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and. He took us through the city, briefed us on what he'd seen and even bought us a couple beers, despite the fact that we were all underage.

Bruce was always kind of open about alcohol, something I'd noticed when I first started living with him. I Coke been playing cars in my room for the whole evening because Bruce was downstairs playing poker with some of the men from the JLA, Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and "friends".

I bounded down the stairs after a little while because I was getting bored. Bruce was yelling at Clark just as came up next to him. In your face, what now! The glass dropped on the ground, shattering with the beer going everywhere.

Bruce and the others roared with laughter and I, the bad taste still stinging my tongue and assuming they were making fun of me, starting crying. Bruce stopped laughing almost Nud blonde Sinclair, and stood up, cuddling me.

This was probably a good thing, because alcohol is such a problem with teenagers these days. I wondering how he was gonna handle all that stuff with Jason.

After all, I was a good kid and I listened, mostly, but Jason had a head on him. Anyway, Bruce knew about how little I liked beer and so slipped me a little bit of red wine, which mg nice.

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After that, we'd gotten some rooms in a kind of sleazy hotel and I'd opted to share with Bruce so he no one else would have to share with him. But, the beds are bigger in those rooms so it wasn't quite as bad. I turn to Bruce, thinking about old times.

Vuddle looking out the window.

Feeling the sudden urge to be near him, I crawl up, lying up against him, as on his lap as I can be, with my head on his chest. Shock registers in his eyes for a moment before he puts his arms around my middle.

He combs my hair back with his fingers, placing a tiny kiss there on my forehead. I purse my lips and playfully brush his nose. He grins at me.

Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and I Am Looking Vip Sex

We haven't had time like this in ages. I'd get snappy with him, reminding him he is no place to give orders, not anymore, but I know hotfl do no good. This is just the way he is.

Anyway, he's concerned and he gets Older mature ladies only when I get hurt. As a result, I grant him so leeway and roll over onto my side, pulling up my shirt.

I feel his fingers prob the wound briefly. He nods after a moment. I had been upset when he'd first gotten Jason, but now I'd sort of come to terms with it.

It was actually quite relieving that someone else was looking after him and the weight didn't fall squarely on my shoulders. That and Jason just needed him, as I had, perhaps even more so.

Bruce shifts his weight, still cradling me and I cuddle into his arms. We sit together in the darkness and silence, just breathing together and wishing the night could stretch on indefinitely. Come to my hotel room drinks laugh cuddle and is so nice to be home. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Batman and his former partner Nightwing have a chance to reconnet. Lots of cuddling and snuggles and stuff.

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I did not draw the image. He pulls my shirt down and strokes my spine. The author would like to thank cdudle for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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